Impeccable FUE Technique For Permanent Hair Growth

By Vikasgupta    3 / Oct / 2016    In Category Healthcare

For the hair transplant or grafting, a common question that usually comes in mind is the cost per graft. For the extreme and dedicated hair restoration procedure, it is simply an unanswerable question. It is because of the complication of the hair restoration procedure and the genetic variation of the intrinsic physical and mental factors for every patient.

As the FUE hair transplant procedure involves extensive work, it is reasonable to apply cost per graft. An expert surgeon makes no mistake in transplanting hairs from donor region to recipient region.

Hair transplant is similar to other cosmetic surgical procedures. It includes complications and when performed accurately, the results are long lasting. An experienced team of surgeons is brought that provides unbelievable pleasure to patients who are looking for hair loss solutions. It is not just about plug and play. In the hair transplant procedure there are several hundreds of constraints that are different for each person. This is a technique that brings lots of happiness, trust and self-enthusiasm. It is a procedure that cannot be put down just because of slightly higher FUE hair transplant cost than traditional FUT procedure.

Cost factor in FUE Procedure

  1. Just like any other cosmetic treatment, cost is the only factor that needs your attention.
  2. Consideration of surgeon skills, experience and qualifications is important
  3. Wide hair transplant techniques include extensive therapy so you are not paying per graft.
  4. The cost of FUE hair transplant usually $5500 to $10,000.
  5. Price per graft is just an estimate that goes around $5 to $7 per graft. If the cost is lower than this, you should ask for which corners will be donor area, experience of your surgeons etc.
  6. If you are in assistance of a professional surgeon, you simply get what you pay for.
  7. In case of undergoing eyebrow or beard hair transplant, the cost may be slightly higher such as $5 to $7 per graft.
  8. FUE procedure is almost double times expensive than FUT technique. The major reason of higher cost is more labor and more intensive work required.
  9. The procedure cost also varies by area but ranges about $4.8 to $7 per graft depending on the count of grafts needed to be transplanted.

FUE is the most recommended procedure for hair restoration as it provides permanent results with natural looking hairs that grow for the lifetime.