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IO-Link Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2026

By Chaitali    11 / Mar / 2019    In Category Technology


The urge of greater operating safety and improved working condition by the manufacturing industries has given a boost to the global IO-link market. IO-link is a robust tool, used by the companies to deploy serial communication protocol with sensor and actuators.  It helps in increasing work efficiency and improve working conditions of the manufacturing companies. IO-link basically extends the limit of PLC and offers the transmission of three different data type, namely- service data, process data, and events. 

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An upcoming TMR report on global IO-link market would help readers gauge various macroeconomic factors, business prospects, trends and opportunities associated with it. A detailed analysis on geographical factor and competitive landscape will give a brief idea of global IO-link market. This study will help readers anticipate business scope of the global IO-link market. Also, the report elaborates the drivers and restraining factors of global IO-link market. 

IO-Link helps in economically optimizing industrial automated processes and operations. It provides a technological base for the development of sensors and actuators that are able to produce as well as consume enriched sets of data. The major drivers of IO-link market is expected to be its ability to support higher level fieldbus, energy efficiency, Ethernet protocols, less production cost, optimizing resource.

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 Also, the limitation of Ethernet has given huge opportunity to the global IO-link market.  With several benefits, business entrepreneurs have chosen IO-link as a field level communication protocol in recent years. However, there are few factors restraining growth of global lO-Link market such as lack of standardization and high-speed motion control feature. It could pose a potential threat to the growth of market. 

In industrial arrangement, IO-Link technology establishes communication from lowest level of automation such as sensors, actuators, read heads, modules, RFID and so forth to connect with each other. Further, several factors like government initiative, industrial automation, energy efficiency, rise of digital industrial technology are supposed to drive the market of IO-link. Increase of automotive industry across the globe is likely to create new growth opportunities for the IO-Link market players in this country.  

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