How to make your Rustic Vanity Look Interesting

By Wilshepar6    12 / Apr / 2018    In Category Home and Family

As the rustic look sweeps over interior spaces, it is common to find the bathroom essential – the vanity – being taken over by the theme. The simple, unassuming, quality of this style is beautiful on its own, but can benefit from a little visual interest. Read on to pick some tips on how to get creative with and add interest to the rustic vanity in your bathroom or powder room.

Repurpose an old piece of furniture

If you aren’t keen on having a brand new rustic vanity in your bath or powder room, opt for the repurpose or upcycle route. This is especially helpful when you are refurbishing your home. When you clueless about what to do with the old, used furniture or have no option but to put it up for a backyard sale, here is a better option to consider – build a bathroom vanity out of it instead. An old dresser, side table, bar stool, or just any piece of used wooden furniture that cannot fit into its usual place can become a new addition in your bathroom.

Go reclaimed

Here is another way to contribute less to wooden waste and reuse lumber instead – create a bathroom vanity with reclaimed wood. Such kind of lumber maybe taken off an abandoned barn, an old railway track, a demolished building, a fallen tree, a floating log, and so on. Reclaimed, savaged, or repurposed wood has a character that is hard to find on new wood. This is owing to the fact that the lumber has withstood the test of varying seasons, which left an imprint on its grain forged by the sun, rain, and snow. This quality of reclaimed wood makes it a great choice for rustic vanities.

Paint it up

There’s nothing like adding a pop of color to bathrooms. Wooden browns may be warm, but they look equally interesting when coated in bright paints in red, lime, teal, pastel hues, and the like. Equally beautiful are rustic vanities with distressed, washed-out finishes. When complemented with metallic accessories like handles or rings, they elevate the look and feel of even a private space like the bathroom into something completely new. They also brighten up the space and give it a chic twist, which is much loved by creative homeowners.

Enhance the look with mirror and lights

Mirrors are an indispensable part of most vanities, but rectangular and oval ones are so passé. To enhance the look of your rustic vanity, team it up with a vanity mirror of an unusual shape – a star, flower, arch, or just anything that is fancy enough to catch the attention. Also, don’t forget vanity lights that complement the style. Simple, exposed bulb and wall sconces that flank the vanity on either side are great picks.

That’s not all – you could get endlessly creative with the rustic vanity by adding carpets, contrast counter tops, unique sinks and faucets, decorative plants, and lots more.


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