How to get it right when buying designer sarees online

By Craftnshop    12 / Oct / 2017    In Category Fashion

There are presently a lot of stores online that have made it convenient for people to get clothes. From your office or home’s comfort, you can easily buy any type of cloth you want including a saree. You can easily get your saree as well as other attires you want to wear with the saree without having any issues. If you are looking to buy designer sarees online or other type of clothing, here are some things you should have in place, to ensure that you are able to buy exactly what you intend to buy.

The right measurements

The fact that you saw a saree online that is very attractive to you does not mean that you can just go ahead to buy it. You must check to ensure that it is the perfect size and fit for you. You should therefore, know the right measurement of saree that fits you the most. This is usually depending on your size, as a taller person will need a longer saree than a shorter person. This will save you the stress of having to get it amended, where if given to the wrong person, could be the beginning of the end of the saree.

Color flexibility

You should be aware that there can sometimes be slight differences between the color you see on your screen and the exact color of the saree that is later delivered to you. When you are flexible with colors, you will save yourself the disappointment and frustration of expecting a particular exact color and then getting something slightly different. The most important thing is that the slight difference is majorly negligible, maybe just a shade. The saree should still be able to serve its purpose and fit any other color combination, the actual color you ordered for will fit.

Seller exchange and return policy

Some of the best online store will always have an exchange and return policy for the buyer, where the individual who bought a saree online can change it or return it, if the size does not match or the color is not what the buyer wanted. This makes it possible to buy a wedding saree online and then return it immediately if you couldn’t use it. There will usually be terms and condition attached in line with the timeframe after purchase you can make a return, if such return can only be in exchange for a different good or for cash and if cash is possible, how much cash you can get back.


You should also know the options for shipping that is available, so that you can choose the one that is best for you. The shipping are usually time and cost based, such that the most expensive shipping option will most likely be the fastest and will be delivered to your door stop, while the cheapest shipping option could be much slower and you might have to go to a central warehouse in your neighborhood to claim the goods. Be sure the shipping option is available in your locality and it fits your budget and preference.

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