How to decorate your rented apartment

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Do you also sigh over pictures and wallpapers of home interior design that you see online or on television and wish to have your own home? This is very common and happens with people who live in a rented apartment. In the search of jobs, we move to cities and settled down there. Many people can’t afford to have their own home so they live in a rented apartment. Search for top interiors in Hyderabad to get interior design services.

 Nobody feels like investing money on beautifying the rented home. Also, there are some landlords who put restrictions on alteration policy and do not allow us to drill or nail on the wall. Here are a few things that you can start with 

Light it right

When you first shifted in your rented apartment, you have seen dusty CFLs but indeed you must have changed them within a few days. Remove these boring lights and put on layered lighting that creates different zones and moods in the same house. Lighting has a great role to play when it comes to mood change. There are several types of bedside lamp that throws light patterns on the wall and great backdrop for midnight conversation on a bed. Interior designers in Hyderabad can help you design your home in such a way that would not bother your landlord.

Change your wall art

These days, there are wall arts that are very simple to put on the walls. You have to peel them off the wall and they are not going to damage the plaster or paint on the wall. You can choose multiple types of wall art like quotes on floral, animals, cartoons, nature etc. Get suggestions form top interiors in Hyderabad.

Change the paint color                                                                                      

When we shift to a rented apartment, we generally do not like the paint color used in the house. So, if the same case happens with you, just select paint color of your choice and get your home painted. It will definitely give the new look and feel to the home interior design. This also one thing that your landlord will not complain about.

Floor decoration

A rug is a simple way to make our home feel homely. You can use fancy rugs in low footfall areas and durable rugs for the area that have higher footfalls. Ask your interior designers in Hyderabad that which floor decoration will match with your home interior design.

Window dressing

You can enhance the decoration of your rented apartment by selecting curtains of pastel shades that has a cozy feel and satiny textures along with intricate patterns. Along with this, you can take matching color cushions and covers. Get the best interior design services and transform your home.

Indoor plants

There are several ways to decorate the rented home. Indoor plants are in trend these days. People are using them for home interior design. These small plants help in keeping the interior environment good and fresh. Each indoor plant has different qualities and it helps in keeping the environment clean and fresh.

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