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How to choose an insulin syringe?

By Cheappinz55    22 / Feb / 2019    In Category Pets


If you are buying an insulin syringe then this article would be of a great use for your needs. The first thing you need to understand is that it is a tool to administer a serious drug directly into body.

Important factors related to a diabetic needle

1. Measurement

You should be able to measure the right dose of insulin so that you make no mistake in administering the drug. The needle will have marking but it should be clearly visible so that you can measure the amount of drug pulled in the needle.

2. Convenience

An insulin syringe could be small, medium and large size depending on the amount of drug to be administered. Also, you need to consider convenience of the needle so that the drug is easily injected in the body. The process should be free of hassles and painless.

3. Disposal

One thing that must be in your mind is that this needle is strictly for one time use. It should in no way be reused. You need to dispose it safely so that it doesn’t harm others or pollute the environment. Simply put, it must be easy and safe to dispose of the needle.

Parts of a diabetic needle

Needle: It is the sharpest and also the shortest part of an insulin syringe. Made of a special material, it slips into the skin without causing much pain and deliver the drug pumped by the body. It comes with a plastic cap that keeps it safe from harmful foreign elements.

Barrel: It is a plastic chamber that holds insulin. The chamber is marked with calibrations from outside for ease of measuring the drug. The calibration marks show the amount of drug held in the chamber.

Plunger: It is a long thin plastic rod placed in the barrel. This rod makes the barrel and the entire needle functional. The plunger is pushed towards the needle for pulling drug inside the chamber and later the drug is pushed through the insulin syringe inside the body.

A barrel of 0.25 ml length would hold 25 units; 0.30 ml needle would get 30 units and so the 1.00 ml chamber can accommodate 100 units of drug.

Today you can buy an insulin syringe online but you should know which size of the needle would suit your needs. Also, you should be very careful about the quality of the product. There are many factors to consider before you make an opinion on a needle.

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