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How to Make Modifications in Heritage?

By HeritageAU    31 / Jul / 2018    In Category Real Estate

You property comes under the heritage value or not can be defined by its age, construction method, architectural style, and historical associations. Complete documentation required to register your property under the heritage department.
So it is imperative for you to perform quality research work to get your papers ready. If you have already a property that is registered under heritage value, then you can’t make any modification according to your needs in it as it requires permission from the authorized officer from the conservation management. They will send an investigator to your site to personally examine the building and your needs. The investigator will carefully inspect the site in detail and make a report according to his observation such as –

•    The site needs such modifications or not,
•    Is it safe to make changes or not,
•    How can be the requirement of the amendment can be done, etc.?  

Once you get a clearance letter from the conservation management to get your property modified according to your needs, then you can do it without any hassles while making changes without the permission can put you in a severe problem.
Getting a permission letter for the further modifications or construction work from the local conservation management is required because they are the only one who can decide your property comes under the condition to be modified or not. Due to the old age and weaken condition some sites could not carry the burden of modifications. As a result, they get fall down which can be a massive loss for the country as well as the community to which it belongs to.
The inspector who comes to assessing the current situation of the property can advise you better that what changes your property needs to be done in order to make you life more comfortable and convenient in it. However, the last decision will be of the inspector that will be based on his research and observation of the property. No any builder or construction contractor will say “yes” to make any modification in a house or building which comes under the heritage value unless the owner has a permission letter from the heritage department as in some countries it is a serious crime. Once the inspector finished his research, he will send the report to the conservation management from where you will receive the orders for making modifications.
If you get the permission of making some architectural or interior changes in your property from the heritage department, then you need to hire an experienced and skilled heritage builder or contractor because they know how to deal with the particular kinds of sites during the renovation. They will finish the work without making any further problems for the sites. The heritage contractor or builders know very well how to complete their work efficiently and effectively. They have mostly all range of tools and machinery which are used in repairing and modifying the heritage properties.
Tip: If you also have such heritage type of properties, which requires some modification then doesn’t forget to apply for the permission in conservation management office.

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