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How to Cope with Your Emotions After a Truck Accident

By Mcgowanma6    30 / Nov / 2018    In Category Legal

Due to the size of these commercial vehicles, trucking accidents have a long-lasting impact on the people involved. Often there are significant injuries and damages caused by the accident. Surviving a trucking accident is a traumatic event, and you may be in shock after it happens. When the initial impact fades, any necessary repairs are made, and injuries have healed, you may begin to notice the emotional effects of the accident. Those involved in this unfortunate incident can feel any number of emotions, and recovery can be hard.

The Emotions

There is a wide range of emotions that you may feel after surviving a truck accident. The first is shock or denial, which happens almost immediately and can last for several days. While shock can feel different for everyone, common symptoms include feeling numb, being in emotional distress, unpredictable mood swings, and feeling afraid even though the event is over. Passengers, pedestrians, and people in other cars that were nearby can also feel shock after an accident. Once you are no longer in shock, you will begin to feeling angry and irritable. You may be angry at the driver of the other car and the car you are in. There is also a lot of guilt and shame involved in an accident. Sometimes even those who witness a crash can blame themselves. And the fear you felt during the accident can linger as anxiety and depression. You may begin to isolate yourself from friends and family.

Physical and Cognitive Symptoms

The emotions you feel after surviving a truck accident can cause the following physical symptoms to manifest in your body. These are signs that your body is dealing with a great deal of stress:

1. Insomnia or nightmares

2. Fatigue or low energy

3. Headaches

4. Stomach distress

5. Crying spells

6. Muscle tension and pain

7. Hyper-vigilance

8. Racing heartbeat and dry mouth

In addition to these physical symptoms you may find it is hard to concentrate, be confused and forgetful, or have flashbacks of the accident.

Coping Mechanisms

It is important to remember that the emotions you are feeling are natural. A helpful way to deal with the anger you feel after surviving a truck accident is to learn some simple relaxation breathing exercises. You do not have to act on these feelings because it is a valid part of your stress reaction. It is also helpful to remind yourself that accidents happen. You may be blaming yourself or feel some sort of shame over what happened, but these expectations are not realistic. It is helpful to talk about the accident and your feelings with the people you trust. Your friends, family, and qualified counsellors and psychologists can help you deal with your anxieties.

Taking care of yourself after surviving a truck accident is also important. Eat balanced meals, get plenty of sleep, avoid drinking too much caffeine, sustain from alcohol, drugs, and smoking. While these may feel like they are helping you cope with your emotions, they are actually making them worse. Replace these habits with some new hobbies instead. Long walks and spending time outdoors may also help you physically and mentally relax. If a child or teenager was involved in the crash, make sure that their school teachers and the principal are notified.


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