How does barbed wire differ from razor wire- A sneak peek

By Gurukrupawires    7 / Feb / 2019    In Category Industrial


Barbed wire and razor wire have a common similarity, and that is to protect the premises and sensitive areas. However, there are many aspects in which both these wires differ from one another. And this is what has been discussed in this article in brief in the paragraphs that follow.

Difference between barbed and razor wire

Check out the points of differences between the razor and barbed wire as discussed below-

  1. Installation

Let’s start with the installation of the 2 wires. If you are trying to install razor wires around your premises, precision is one aspect that is important because bending the wire is not easy as these wires have barbs that are sharp and can hurt unless handled carefully. On the other hand, you need fence posts, staples, and wire for installing barbed wires.

The time for installation in case of the latter is less and usually faster. Unlike razor wires, that require a skilled individual for installation, barbed wire can be installed even by a person with less expertise.

You could approach a good supplier that will also take care of the installation part. However, if you are installing razor or barbed wires, visit a nearby supplier that specifically deal with these wires. Seeking the assistance of vendors like a chain link fence manufacturers Gujarat may not be of great help in this case. It is best to deal with someone that specializes in these wires. He would be the best person to guide you through the right selection.

  1. Maintenance and how easy are they to use

As mentioned above, both these wires find usage for the security purposes. When it comes to security, the user may not be simple since they play a crucial role and wires require utmost care to maintain its longevity. In fact, you must select razor wire suppliers carefully so that you can get the authentic stuff since they have vital application.

When it comes to maintenance, barbed wires are easier to maintain as compared to the razor wires. One of the main reasons is that these wires if properly installed do not wear out. But as razor wires are less flexible, anchoring them may appear to be a little problematic.

  1. How cost-effective are they?

When it comes to pricing the wires, since barbed wires are easier to use, install, and maintain, they are not very expensive as compared to their counterparts, namely, razor wires.

Generally speaking, the more intricate the wire and its application, greater will be the price and vice versa. So, opt for a genuine supplier that will give you a good deal keeping in mind the quality of the product that you are investing in. Start your research online to come across the name of all the reputable brands promoting their products online. You can directly ask them for quotes or have an initial consultation to streamline your search. Last but not the least, make sure you understand your need first in order to choose the right product.