How are barbed wires used and what precautions to take while using them?

By Gurukrupawires    7 / Feb / 2019    In Category Industrial


While choosing the perfect fencing material for your property, residential land or commercial property, you might need specialized assistance in selecting the right one, especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, when you consider the options available in the market then you must know that there you have a wide array of options to select from and few of the choices include woven-wire, synthetic, wood, high-tensile-wire, electric high tensile wire, and barbed wire. In this write-up, let us briefly discuss about barbed wire and its application and what you must avoid while using the same.

Barbed wire – Precautions

It is not very difficult to zero-in on one of the reliable barbed wire manufacturers Gujarat because there are many operating in the market offering these wires for various applications. In fact, the majority of the people used these types of wires for fencing. And these wires were also the first material to be used for fencing. And you can use them to protect livestock as well. They find wide usage even in those areas which are designated as war zones so that the enemies cannot cross the specified territories. However, you can avoid using the barbed wires for the purpose of horse fencing to prevent injuries while crossing the fence.

Crossing fences made up of these wires can lead to injuries if you are not careful enough. Animals like cows that are slow moving and can withdraw themselves at the very first sensation of any discomfort can be kept inside fences but not fast-moving animals like horses.

What is it made up of?

It is basically made up of pointed steel projections present all along its length. You will come across a few variations of the same too, one of the most prominent ones being galvanized barbed wire. Galvanized barbed wire suppliers India companies offer these wires at various rates depending on the requirement and length you need. All you need to do is contact some of the reputable manufacturers in the market to ask about their rates. Compare their individual rates in order to streamline your search and pick the one that goes well within your budget.

Installing the barbed wires

If you are trying to anchor these wires to the corner post, there are many ways you can do it. Some of the common methods include the following-

  1. Wire vise – In this type of arrangement, the wire passes through a hole that has been drilled into the corner post. Ideally, you must place the anchor far away from the corner post.

  2. Hand-knotting – You will have to use your hand to tie the knot after you wrap the corner post around it.

Apart from the 2 options as cited above, there are 2 other ways to anchor the wire, namely, wire wrap and crimp sleeves. It will not be wrong to say that for fencing purposes, you can use other types of wires mentioned above in combination with the barbed wires. Last but not least, you can even seek expert’s help if you’re not that confident enough