How To Save Any Twitter Video By Using Online Twitter Video Downloader

By Alfielancy    15 / Mar / 2019    In Category Technology

Twitter is enormous online news and social networking assistance from which users post and interact with messages commonly known as "tweets". Numerous celebrities, politicians, directors etc use Twitter to share their ideas through message and videos to the audience. However, the only restriction which is provided by Twitter is its inability to download twitter videos directly from its site. Which is very sad for those users who are daily visitors on Twitter. But now this can be availed by an online tool which is called as keep offline and download plenty of free twitter videos at super fast speed and with extreme ease. All you gotta do is visit the online portal keep offline and explore Online Twitter Video Downloader which lets users download their favourite twitter videos without any convenience. Online Twitter Video Downloader is an online web app which assists the users to download twitter videos and GIFs to there computer or mobile phone directly.

Steps to download Twitter Videos on Desktop


1- Open the desired video of your choice which you want to download:

Now, navigate your web browser to the official site of twitter and click on the video of your choice which you are desperate to download.

2- Copy and Paste the video link:

From there copy the link of the video and paste it on the launch bar adjacent to download tag of keep offline.

3. Choosing the quality of video:

The most essential part is to select the quality of the video because quality matters a lot.  After choosing the quality of video, pop up on the hit download.

4. Enjoy your video in offline mode

You can now enjoy your video without the internet and retrieve it from the download section of your device.

Features of using Keepoffline:

Quick downloading - You can now download your favourite videos at an fingertip with notably fast speed without any interpretation.

Adaptability - The Online Twitter Video Downloader tool can be accessed from any operating system like Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

User-friendly interface - The interface provided with Online Twitter Video Downloader is extremely user-friendly with intelligent built in tools that help you download the content of your favourite video without any error.

Free downloading - It is free of cost as you have not to pay a single penny while downloading the videos.

Secure downloading - Videos which are downloaded by the users are safe and secure without worrying about any bug or malicious content

Error-free downloading - There is no chance of misconception or interference while the video is being downloaded.

Easy process of downloading - The downloading process is extremely easy for them who don’t know how to download and it does not have to put any extra effort into downloading.

Download video in the desired quality - It is best for those users who want high quality of videos. It is the choice of the user to download desired quality of video ranging from low to high quality (HD).

No need of any additional software - The user does not require any additional software to download online videos.