How Do I Choose Yo-Yo?

By Emma Young    1 / Jan / 2019    In Category Baby and Child


It is not easy to choose yo-yo, a simple-looking toy. It is necessary to consider its shape, the bearing size, the gap width, the type of material and the quality of the response system. Certain characteristics of the yo-yo are suitable for particular plays, so before buying one for yourself, think about what tricks you want to execute.

You can find the reviews of the best Yo-Yo models here, and in this article we offer you an overview of the main criteria for choosing this toy.

The Material of Yo-Yos

Yo-yos can be made of plastic, metal and composite materials. Plastic yo-yos are the cheapest ones, and they are great for children and the beginners. Their low weight makes it easier to manage them at the beginning, but, on the other hand, it makes it impossible to execute difficult tricks. Plastic yo-yos do not last long, but who cares! - they are so cheap.

In addition to plastic, the design of composite yo-yos may include metal rims that provide yo-yos with the best inertia features. Many professionals prefer composite yo-yos.

Metal yo-yos are more expensive. They are usually made of aluminum. They are designed for execution of the most difficult tricks, and they are able to spin for more than 3 minutes.


The Imperial and the Butterfly are the two main shapes of yo-yos. Yo-yo fans purchase butterfly-shaped models if they want to perform lengthy spins with intensive unwinding of the string. Imperial is good for looping – a style in which there is no need to spin the yo-yo at the end of the string.

There are retractable and non-retractable yo-yos. The latter are easier to lubricate and clean, which means they last longer.


Gap is the gap between the two halves of the yo-yo; the wider it is, the lengthier tricks you are able to execute as the risk of the string being “chewed” decreases. A narrow gap provides yo-yo with a strong return. In some models, you can adjust the width of the gap of the yo-yo, making it suitable for certain tricks.


The quality of the bearing determines the sleep time – duration of free spinning of the yo-yo at the end of the string. Bearings for yo-yo can be of three categories: A – weak bearings designed for looping: free spinning time of the yo-yo with such bearings is very short; C – medium bearings: they perform well both during looping and lengthy tricks; D – large bearings: they provide maximum sleep and are suitable for lengthy tricks.

For beginners, we recommend yo-yos with bearings with a special groove – such yo-yos are easier to manage.

Response System

The response system is the element of yo-yo that makes it possible for a player to return the toy into his hand. The better the response system, the easier it is to manage yo-yo.

Cheap models are usually equipped with a response system that comes with “teeth”, which is not very sensitive to the actions of its user. More expensive models are equipped with the response system in the form of the rubber pads. Sometimes they use liquid silicone for response pads.