How Bus API Integration Helps Travel Portals

By Travelportalsolution    24 / Sep / 2018    In Category Technology


Definitely it is one of the big questions and concerns for the travel portals as which services they should chose and what to leave behind. Travel world is very vast and so as the requirements in the same. When a person tends to get the best services, he is supposed to research as much as he can in that. Considering the travel portal solution then bus API becomes an integral part of it.

This software solution lets the agents to feature bus services in their portal. Along with this, there are many other features of bus API that helps the portals. Here are few of the mentioned features of bus API that always assists the travel portals to go ahead in the journey of success.

Easy Design and Customization: Designing and customization is very easy with this API integration. You can easily set the features of your choice in the website when you are choosing this solution.

Full Integration in Website: With this solution the website would be fully integrated. It would help in the easy functioning and will make searches easy for the user.

Dynamic Packaging: This API provides the option of dynamic packaging to the website. Your logo in the website would help in brand building ultimately.

Shopping Cart Feature: When the user will book his desired ticket through this API integration, he will get a shopping cart feature in it. This will enable him to make the payment easy and checkout.

Advanced Yield Capabilities: This technology is filled with advanced yield capabilities. There are more chances to explore when you are choosing this integration solution.

Uploading Banner and Images: Uploading any sort of images or banner through bus API is easy for the portals. They can very easily do branding or can change banners time to time in consideration with the website or adding any new feature, offer or discount.

E-mail and Messages Notification: This API provides the feature of e-mail and message notification to the customer. Subscribing for the newsletter they will get to know about new happening and in this way, you can sell more services to them.

These are few of the best qualities of bus API. Definitely it is a boon for the travel portals. It is one of the best features that will aid them to move forward and get the desired result. The integrated website will always support the technical aspect of business.