Global Baby Food and Infant Formula Market Projected To Witness A Rapid Growth by 2027

By Taursuraj55    17 / May / 2018    In Category Business


Baby Food and Infant Formula Market:

The increasing number of parents is determined to provide optimal nutrition to their infants. They opt for packaged baby foods and infant formulas to supplement breastfeeding. This coupled with the increased concern of parents for the health, and nutritional requirements of their babies have significantly contributed to the increase in demand for baby food and infant formula over the last few years. Further the Research Analyst adds, one of the primary drivers for this market is the increasing health concerns among parents. The Sector - organic baby foods is the fastest growing sector reason being safer and nutritionally superior to conventional baby food.

As the name suggests “Baby Food & infant Formula” is all about infant’s dietary food items to be consumed or eaten for meals or breakfasts. In today’s hustle bustle of life with growing number of working mothers; Baby food is proving to be a boon and due to its convenience it has taken the place of conventional & traditional food items. It’s not only about the convenience; sometimes mothers may be unable to breastfeed for a multiple reasons – may it be physical or physiological; baby food & infant formula seem to be great option.

Global Baby Food and Infant Formula Market is highly fragmented mainly due to the constantly changing consumer demands and preferences. Also, the market is highly competitive due to the presence of numerous players having regional and global presence. This further encourages players operating in the baby food and infant formula market to compete based on price, quality, innovation, reputation, and distribution.

The study Report identifies the following corporations as the key players in the Global market of Baby Food and Infant Formula - Abbot Nutrition, Heinz Nature, Hipp organic, Cow&Gate, Nestle. Other prominent key players of the market identified in the study report are - Danone, Mead Johnson Nutrition, and Danalac.

The highly competitive market for Global Baby Food and Infant formula can be segmented in to 3 key dynamics for the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding; Segmentation by Type: Comprises Baby Cereals & Dry Meals, Baby Meals, Finger foods, other Baby foods. Segmentation by Infant Formula: Comprises cow milk formula, soy-formula, protein hydrolysate formula, and lactose free formula and others.   Segmentation by Ingredient Comprises Dairy, fruits & vegetables, grains and meat and others. Segmentation by Regions: Comprises Geographical regions - North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World.

Regional Analysis: North-America and Europe has dominated the market for Global Baby Food and Infant formula Market with the largest market share. North America is further expected to continue the dominance. Asia-Pacific and Middle East are the growing market for Global Baby Food and Infant formula Market and are expected to grow at a considerable rate of CAGR during 2016 to 2027.

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