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Four Areas Where a Vacuum Cleaner Must Offer Great Performance

By Aadamalford    16 / Jan / 2019    In Category Shopping


Since the invention of the first vacuum cleaner, the appliance has occupied an integral part of the cleaning industry. It is largely used in both residential and commercial spaces for cleaning indoor spaces. Today, the traditional vacuum cleaner has evolved into high-tech cleaning equipment that is no more used to only clean the floor. However, what one must remember is that not all vacuum cleaners are equal, and some are characterised by features that set them apart from the others. Here is your way to find the best vacuum cleaners available in the market, after considering the following:

1. Suction Power – The suction power refers to the vacuum cleaner’s ability to suck up the dust and dirt. The machines generally work with the suction that is created by the motor built-in the cleaner. The stronger the suction created by the cleaner, the better it will be at cleaning the dirt and dust. An efficient vacuum cleaner is one that not only offers a strong power, but also uses this power throughout the system in an effective manner. This will ensure that all the parts of the appliance work together well to create maximum suction.

2. Manoeuvrability – Good manoeuvrability is one of the most essential features of a functional vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner should be always easy to move around the house, light in weight so that cleaning doesn’t seem like a hefty task and should have the ability to reach small areas and access difficult areas. Look for cleaners that glide smoothly across different types of floors without causing any harm to the flooring. A vacuum cleaner that is easy to guide around obstacles will be a great investment for both commercial and residential cleaning.

3. Easy and Quiet Operation – Vacuum cleaners and appliances that are used regularly should be first and foremost simple to use. They should offer easy functionality and operation to even those who are not technologically sound. Cleaners equipped with advanced features should be accessible so that the advanced features simplify the process instead of making it complicated. Another indispensable feature of vacuum cleaners is its quiet operation. Vacuum cleaners that tend to be unbearably noisy cannot be used regularly as they cause irritation and discomfort to the people around it. Thus, a great vacuum cleaner will always feature silent functioning.

4. Filtration System – A proper filtration system is an integral part of a functional vacuum cleaner. The debris and dust that is sucked in by the machine stay trapped due to the filters of the cleaner. While a poor filtration system will let out the dust through the exhaust port, an efficient filtration system will be able to trap microscopic allergens and dust particles too. If you or any of your family members suffer from dust allergy or breathing problems, then you should opt for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that ensures the best performance.

These are the four major factors where a vacuum cleaner should offer the best performance to be regarded as the best in class.

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