Five Things to Know Before You Buy Swimwear Online

By Mollyjswim    11 / Feb / 2019    In Category Fashion


How many times have you bought a sexy cheeky bikini bottom and a cute little matching top from an online swimwear boutique only to find out later that it wasn’t what you expected it to be? Oh the disappointment! Well, you know it is that time of the year when you have the urge to ditch work and hit the beach for a small retreat. This is when swimwear boutiques launch new collections. With new collections, come the bloggers promoting the new fashionable swimwear styles on their respective blogs. And, if you are anything less of a shopaholic, the urge to buy a new scrunch butt bikini bottom that you just saw being featured on your favourite swimwear blog is irresistible!

Not everything that looks good on an Instagram influencer or a YouTube celebrity vacationing on Bora Bora will look exactly the same on you. Which is why, you need to consider these five things before you order new bikinis online for the season. Let us save you some money and heartbreak with our expert tips. Following are some suggestions.

#1 Be Realistic

First things first, if your heart is really drawn towards that very sexy cheeky scrunch butt bikini bottom but deep in your mind you know you are more of a one-piece bathing suit gal – don’t get it! Yes, experimentation is good and all, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Pick something which you know you would actually wear out.

#2 Pick a Style that’s You

Forget what is fashionable or what is trending on Instagram and in magazines! You don’t need to follow the crowd. If a one-piece bathing suit with side lace detailing and a sexy plunging neckline in neon orange suits you, you do you! More power to you! You know what flatters you most!

#3 Sizing is the Key

You need to find the best fitting bikinis for you! Nothing looks more disastrous than a swimwear that doesn’t fit you properly. Therefore, be very mindful and careful of your sizing and measurements. If the swimwear boutique offers exchange and returns, we suggest you pick the same bathing suit in two different sizes. You can pick one that fits you better and return the other.

#4 Don’t forget the Cover up

Bikini cover ups should get more credit than we actually give them. They are the perfect way to build confidence and be comfortable in your new bikini bottoms before you decide to take the plunge and embrace your sassiness in all its entirety.

#5 Mix & Match

When it comes to two piece bathing suits, coordinates is the way to go. People order swimsuits in sets and that’s how they wear them. But we recommend you pick your bikini bottoms and tops separately. Mix and match your way around to find a pair and size that is right for you. The best fit and style will get you the result you are looking for.

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