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First Time Flight Journey Tips

By Saudiairlines18    21 / Nov / 2018    In Category Travel and Leisure



I will share such information with you that you should know before your first flight journey.

After reading this blog you will have no any problem regarding the journey.

 I know there is some fear in mind of many people regarding flying in the sky with aeroplane, but you can see that every pilot and air hostess live in aeroplane approx 20 days in a month. They come here after doing study and training so they are also a human like us. So we should not have any fear of fly in the sky and negative thinking.

If you want to travel in very less fare then you can book ticket before two months of travelling day because if you book on travelling day or before a day of travelling then you have to pay double or triple of the fare. You can book flight ticket in less fare from Saudi Airlines.

 If you are booking  ticket online then you have to put your name on ticket same as your name which is in your identity card. If  you have putted “Rakesh” on place of “Rakesh kumar” then it is possible that you will not allowed to enter the aeroplane.

 If  a child with you who is more than 2 years then you have to take full ticket of that child otherwise you to pay only some service charges.

 In aeroplane you can take two bags only , first is hand bag which limit is 7kg and second is check in bag which limit is 15 kg and you have to deposit check in bag in time of entrance of airport. If you are two people with together then your limit will be 22 kg each, if weight of your bag is more than 44 kg then you have to pay extra charges for each kg of bag like 100Rs or 150Rs.

In other flights there is only one bag is allowed, so if you are booking ticket by yourself or by other then you should check these information and you can check weight of your bag in your home which will be more beneficial.

 There are two types of flights

a. Domestic

b. International


Domestic flight flies only in home country and fare is less then international flights


International flights fly in other country and home country as well. Fare is more than domestic flights.

If  you are travelling in Your home country then you have no need visa but for other country you must have visa.

You must have take chagers of laptops and mobile in your hand bag, if you take into your check in bag then you will be not allowed for travelling.

Entry allowed in airport who have booking tickets, if your relative come with you without booking ticket then he/she have to leave within 2 or 3 minutes .You can book Saudi Airlines Tickets online.

If  you are travelling in your home country then you need to carry only identity proof and print out of booking ticket but for travelling to other country you need identity proof, print out of booking tickets and visa also.





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