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Finding the right Skin Specialist Doctor When You Suspect a Problem

By Kandhariclinic    3 / Feb / 2018    In Category Health and Fitness


Skin is the major component of beauty. You spend lots of your time and bucks in maintaining the shine and sheen of your skin. But, what if you see pimples popping out on your cheeks, blackheads covering your nose or blemishes ruling your skin? You start facing sleepless nights and seeking recommendations everywhere such as what to do, whether to try any home remedies etc. etc. 

But, wait a second! 

Do you realize that it`s your skin and not your clothes which you may replace if you don`t like or if it gets torn?  Stop playing with your skin. If you have a serious skin problem, you badly need a skin specialist. 

Now, the next question that pops up in your head is WHERE and WHOM?????

Are you looking for the Best Skin Specialist in Delhi

Finding a sound and genuine skin specialist is not that easy. I mean you need to scan for some features before you find the perfect skin specialist.

1.Is the Doctor certified in dermatology?

You need to check properly that the doctor is certified in dermatology or not. You may also ask frankly for this is a very honest and genuine question. After all you don`t want to risk your skin health. Dr. Rajat Kandhari is a well-trained and experienced doctor who puts honesty before anything else with his patients. He believes in educating the patients and making them realize that they are beautiful in their own way. Every face is different, hence needs to be treated differently. His unique and personalized approach towards his profession makes him the Best Dermatologist in Delhi

2. Do they hold experience of good 5 years at least?

If they have sustained themselves for 5 years, that is above average performance because most of the skin clinics fail even in sustaining 2-3 years.

3.Don`t get carried away with "before and after photographs" 

Well! In the world of seeing is believing, don`t blindly follow the advertisements which has been put just to control your mind. Only watching and deciding based on Before and after photographs may be misleading. You never know whether the displayed result is 1 out of 100 or 95 out of 100. As mentioned in the earlier points every face shape, contours and the skin texture is different. Only an experienced dermatologist would know which treatments would fetch you the best of results.   

4. Enquire your fellow patients

If you are spending long hours in the waiting room, take the advantage out of it. You may ask about the feedback from the existing old patients and they would happily tell you their experiences. Better yet, you can get in touch with the previous patients of the skin specialists online, thanks to digital media. 

Availing best services in dermatology

If you`re tired of looking for best skin specialist in Delhi? Dr. Kandhari`s Skin clinic offers best services in treating skin ailments. The clinic has best dermatologist in Delhi. For getting more details and availing their flawless services log on Website. 

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