Finding the Right Chapel Hill Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

By Countrykennel    7 / Jan / 2019    In Category Pets

Need to send your dog to a Chapel Hill boarding kennel for a few days? Then it’s time to start finding the right place for your pet. Leaving your dog even just for a day or two can be stressful, but by choosing a Chapel Hill boarding kennel that can truly take care of your beloved furbaby, your mind can be put at ease. How would you know if a prospective kennel is a right choice? Here are some tips.

  • Go on an ocular visit

Before leaving your dog in a boarding kennel, take time to inspect the facility in person. Check if it is fully equipped not just to take care of animals but also to make their stay as comfortable as happy as possible. Do they have an outdoor play area where dogs can run around? During your visit, assess the safety and cleanliness of the boarding kennel.

  • Talk to the staff

Just because they work at a Chapel Hill boarding kennel doesn`t mean they love animals. Take time to talk to the staff. Ask about their experience and why they chose to work in a kennel. Observe how they interact with your dog on first meeting. You want to leave your dog in the hands of people who are genuine pet lovers themselves. The best kennels carefully choose their employees. You can be sure that their team will care for your pets as though they were their own.

  • Let your dog stay for a night before leaving it for days

Do a trial to see how your dog behaves in a new dog kennel, away from you. Maybe have him stay at least one night. This will allow your pet to adjust to the environment slowly. Dogs aren`t all the same; some do well in different dog kennels and others don’t because they are slow to get accustomed to their new surroundings.

  • Ask about their policies

To provide a fun, safe, and healthy environment for dogs, some facilities require owners to show proofs of vaccinations. This prevents the spread of contagious diseases. Don’t forget to ask if the kennel allows pet owners to leave their dogs` personal items, like blankets and toys, which will help relieve the stress animals feel while in a strange new place.