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Features of Tire to Consider Before Buying

By Mytirelist    15 / Apr / 2019    In Category Automotive

Whether you are an individual looking for a new set of tires or a tire shop owner, knowing the features of tires is essential. For a buyer, it can help decide the right tires to go with the vehicle, whereas as a tire shop owner, you will be equipped with the tools to suggest the appropriate tires to the customers. A happy customer is likely to bring more business to the shop. Hence, the right advice will ensure trust and the customer will visit you again. Tire inventory control software can assist the shop owner in determining the suitable features of the tire that can accompany a particular vehicle. Having the tool can also be handy in locating the tire in the warehouse, amongst other benefits.

When considering the features of the tire, you should look for the longest possible tread life, all-weather tires with high performance, tires that offer soft and quite drive, tires that are easy on the gas and increases the mileage, or tires with all the above.

Most of us will prefer tires with all the features but regrettably, there are no such tires and you have to select the right features for a particular need. Thus, we have selected the top features of tires that can help both a tire shop owner and a vehicle owner decide the right tire while making the purchase decision or while offering tires for sale. Tire inventory solutions software provides great assistance as it records all the features of the tire and can list the right tire with the required features with a click of the button.

Top Features of a Tire to Consider

Traction or Tread Life

Tires with high traction are made from special materials that allow them to hold on to the road, with sharp cornering, and quick halt. However, due to all the work that the tire undergoes it wears faster.

As a driver, you would prefer tires that have a long tread life; however, tires with long tread life are stiffer and less flexible. Hence, they do not offer the same grip as a tire with high traction.

There is nothing wrong with either of the tires. They are both suitable for the road. It depends on the type of driver you are and the type of car you drive.

Smooth Ride or Precision Handling

When the tire sidewalls are stiff handling becomes more precise. On the other hand, when the sidewalls are less flexible, the road noise increases and the ride become less smooth. You can choose either or a little of both.

For a smoother ride and a quieter road, opt for tires with flexible sidewalls.

Fuel Efficiency and High Performance

Tires with low rolling resistance consume less fuel. Therefore, while purchasing the tires you must have your options in mind. If you want a high-performance tire or one that provides fuel efficiency.

The right tire inventory control tool can help sort these features with ease. At, we have the best tire inventory solutions software for all your tire shop needs.

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