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Expert Massage Helps Tackle Weight Gain with Visible Results

By ShangrilaMassageSpa    12 / Feb / 2019    In Category Health and Fitness


Weight gain and obesity are some of the biggest problems that individuals are grappling with, all over the world. This is mainly as a result of issues such as diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. And most of the workplaces involve limited activity as a result of automation and advanced technological solutions. Therefore physical activity has reduced to a bare minimum. The combination of all these has resulted in obese populations. It is possible to tackle weight gain issues through massage for results that are visible and average. Here is all that you need to know about the relation between massage and weight loss.

Eastern traditional medicine includes massage
It is a matter of record that the average East Asian is lesser in body weight when compared with the average American. While there are different standards in terms of height and body mass index, it is true that Asians are more lean, than others, and this has been achieved naturally. This is because in Asian cultures that are steeped in traditions that date back to hundreds of years, natural medicine includes massage as a part of holistic treatment. It is possible that by using the services of expert Miami massage centers, individuals can reduce their weight to a certain extent. This needs to be undertaken periodically and at the right intervals to help maintain or reduce weight.

Scientifically proven results of massage towards weight loss
There are scientifically proven results that are linked to massage. This is primarily due to the movement of the hands of the masseur or masseuse across the body. The movements comprise repeated strokes over the same area. The use of the right kind of pressure and the kneading action combine to release the energy pathways and trigger more activity among individuals. A more active lifestyle is the first step towards weight loss and the repeat movements over the same portions in the body help in lymph drainage. With better blood circulation, the chances of accumulation of fat are lesser and all of these combined actions and benefits contribute to weight control and loss.

Active lifestyle, better mobility and effective weight control
Individuals who are prone to stiff backs and sore joints are more likely to have limited mobility. As a result of this, the activity levels of individuals will reduce gradually. This contributes to weight gain. Periodic massage sessions at a reputed South Miami Massage Center helps to rejuvenate and add zest, energy levels; and this helps to improve the activity, thereby effectively maintain weight.  Individuals who get to maintain their weight can be regarded as having won half the battle, as weight happens over a period of time. By removing the discomfort and pain from the joints, it is possible for individuals to move about more frequently. 

In addition to helping individuals reduce weight, massage helps to bring individuals back to normal life after suffering from discomfort due to wrong posture at work. Maintaining weight, and reducing weight are goals that can be achieved through the right kind of massage in the hands of experts, combined with the right diet and increased routine activity.

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