Excellent Guidance for Chargeback Visa Reason Code 75

By ChargebackExpertzgui    25 / Apr / 2018    In Category Business


Issuer receives a complaint from the credit cardholder that the charge on his billing statement is not recognized. In other words, the customer is not aware of the particular transaction or the information on the statement does not belong to him, not correct or not recognizable.
This reason code is applicable on card present as well as card-not-present orders.

Most Common Causes

  • If the cardholder’s billing statement is incorrect, i.e. the merchant store name or location is not recognizable or not matching to the information cardholder provided earlier to the merchant.
  • If the buyer has forgotten the particular order.
  • The customer is looking for a refund but he or she doesn’t want to go through the regular process.
  • The cardholder does not recognize the billing descriptor.

Evidence Required

  • The cardholder has provided documentation and information that would help in recognizing the transaction. For example Purchasing slip, Proof of Delivery or Delivery Note, Detail of trade or service purchased.
  • An important factor while accepting cards. Ensure the name of the merchant, city and state is correct in the records. Also, mentioning “doing Business as” DBA is critical.


  • If the billing descriptor is set, then the chances are that the merchant won’t face such problem. In case merchant notices that disputes are increasing day by day, then it is better to check transaction procedures and contact processor so that the merchant account reflects the information that the cardholder will recognize.
  • There should be a toll-free customer service number in the billing description. Ensure that the provided billing description is accurate and recognizable to the cardholder.

Common Example

Linda is fond of shopping. She was browsing through a number of online clothing store one day and spontaneously decides to buy few things from a store. Few days later she checks her account and finds out an un-recognizable charge. She tries to reach to the merchant but is unable to due to lack of descriptor, so she decides to put a dispute on the account under the Reason Code 75: Cardholder doesn’t Recognize