Erlonat 150 mg Tablet | Erlotinib side effects, usage & Dosage

By Natalie    12 / Jan / 2019    In Category Healthcare


Erlonat (Erlotinib), it is a hydrochloride salt of quinazoline derivative with anti-tumor activity. Erlonat exhibits its activity by binding to intracellular catalytic region of EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) tyrosine kinase Therefore signal transduction will be inhibited and leads to cell death.


Varoius erlotinib side effects as such as Hair weight, skin, Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Neuropathy, Anorexia, nail disorders, Conjunctivitis, Infection, disorders, pain, Loss of weight, Fatigue, Renal disorders, Bone pain, nausea, Anxiety, Cough, Vomiting, hepatic disorders, Abdominal pain, Paronychia, Keratoconjuctivities sicca, Pruritus, Dry Acne, Stomatits, Alopecia, ocular disorders.


60% of drug absorbed after oral administration; the peak plasma concentration of the drug occurs within 4 hours The bioavailability of the drug 60% but increased by food to 100%.

Brand Erlonat
Ingredients Erlotinib
Strength 150mg
Manufactured Natco


The pregnancy category of Tablet Erlonat comes under “D” Erlonat should not be recommended in pregnancy and lactation period. Erlonat cause harm to the unborn babies