Effortless Way To Mix And Match Sneakers For Men

By TaylaDyer    13 / Feb / 2019    In Category Fashion


One of the key items that every man needs to have in their wardrobe collection is a pair of sneakers. They used to be labeled as basic casual footwear that you can only wear when you are doing exercise or when you hang out with friends, but not anymore. The evolution of sneakers’ designs and materials already brought about such a huge impact on the fashion world. You can spot a huge range of variations from the classic trainer sneaker models to metallic gold shoelaces that require no-tying.

Nowadays, men not only buy them for daily wear but also collect limited edition designs and collaborations. Sneakers lift up their level as one of the ‘new sports luxe’ goodies that’s worth lots of money. If you are one of the sneaker enthusiasts out there, it is essential for you to not only collect all the best sneakers but also know how to incorporate them in your daily look. Explore the latest sneakers trends and incorporate them flawlessly:

Go Bold or Go Home

Statement sneakers are definitely making a huge impact for the past years. You can spot out of the box design like navy shoe laces (with no-tie model) or any over the top accessories that you never imagine can be part of your sneakers. Keep your whole outfit in harmony with minimalist and clean cut to make your sneakers stand out even more.

Plain white shirt, classic denim jacket, or neutral tone chinos is what you can wear with your bold sneakers. You can put aside your prints t-shirt or heavy clothing to avoid looking ‘too much.’ Get ready to be the center of attention or maybe come across envious glare over your looks.

Basics are Classic

Basics will never go wrong on any occasion. You can invest in white, black, or grey tone trainers for a timeless piece. Stock on some design variations to avoid boring or repetitive look. Confused how to start your some first purchases? Slip on, runners, and the high top will be our top recommendation. Basic sneakers can go seamlessly from a gym appointment, client meetings, casual hangouts, to some fun date nights. 

Make sure to keep your sneakers clean and ensure they smell good to avoid any dull look. For example, you can pair your basics with your favorite pair of jeans, polo shirt, sweaters, or hoodie. Do not afraid to incorporate patterns on your outfit!

Suave Urban Looks

Polished and dandy is the modern style for a man. Looking sharp and presentable will not only make you look stylish but also will boost your level of confidence. Jump on the retro sneakers trend to level up your look. Get some suede materials, thick rubber sole, or throwback designs. It may look a bit old, but with the right styling, you will look great. Leather jacket, button-down shirt, tailored pants, or a light coat will match perfectly with your approach to retro design sneakers. 

High Street Sports Luxe 

Channeling the sports luxe trend? Why not! Keep it casual and wearable with high street fashion items like joggers, oversized sweatshirt, and leather bag. You can try to mix different textures and materials on your whole look. Sporty and casual will never look better than this. Put your old sneaker laces on the rack and it is time for the metallic gold shoelaces that require no-tying!