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Differences Between Beagle And Basset Hound Explained

By Dynoughess    19 / Feb / 2019    In Category Pets

If you are looking for the right answer to the question as to what are the differences between Beagle vs Basset hound you have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. As far as health is concerned, both the dogs are prone to certain health challenges.

Beagle is considered to be a healthier breed. However, it does suffer from some health issues. These include allergies, eye infections, epilepsy, back problems and even hip dysplasia.

Some of them also suffer from a condition called SRM or Steroid Responsive Meningitis. On the other hand, when it comes to Basset Hound, they are perhaps more prone to illness and health issues compared to Beagle. more

The most common health issues with Basset Hound include bloat, osteochondrosis, elbow dysplasic, eye problems, thrombopathy, and a condition known as von Willdbrand’s Disease.

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