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Delivering Safety on the Roads with Traffic Barriers

By Omwireproducts    7 / Feb / 2019    In Category Industrial


The use of safety barriers on roads is common. It helps prevent serious injuries and helps minimize the extent of damage to the vehicle. For every purpose, there is a type of barrier with its own specifications so that you will have to use only that kind of barrier for a specific situation. Here we see how we improve road safety with the use of these traffic guardrails.

Median and Roadside Barriers

Common classification of safety barriers groups them into two types - ones we use in the middle of the road and the ones we use by the side of the road. The first type is called the median barrier while the latter is known as a roadside barrier. They perform just about the same function in that they help reduce the intensity of the road accident. It is important to have a highway crash barrier manufacturers in Kolkata at strategic points where the incidence of accidents is the most.

Due to the deformation of the W beam of the safety barrier, the force gets lessened. Part of the force goes to deform the beam and so the force transferred to the vehicle that is involved in the mishap is lessened. Due to this, the injuries of the people in the vehicle are less. The damage to the vehicle is less and so the repair charges are low.

Factors affecting the Design

The way the barrier works is to deflect the vehicle that is out of control back to the road. The thickness of the beam used will depend on several factors like speed of the vehicle on the road, size of the vehicle, soil type beside the road, the slope of the embankment near the barrier, and the angle of impact. Once the vehicle hits the barrier, it is sent back to the road. This stabilizes the path of the errant vehicle and gives control back to the driver.

Median dividers are barriers that prevent vehicles on a 4 or 6 lane road from entering into any lane other than the one in which it is traveling. All the vehicles travel in the same direction. If it is a center median, the vehicles come in opposite directions. It helps prevent vehicles from involving in a head-on collision. These barriers are double type meaning they handle collisions from both sides. So this type of highway road crash barriers suppliers exporters India has a double deformation face.

Fulfilling the Safety Norms

The other type of barrier is the roadside barrier. Many of the vehicles get involved with objects and obstructions by the roadside like a tree, bridge abutments, road signs, and more. To give safety in such situations, we use roadside barriers. These are one-sided beams and will have strength enough to withstand impact as per NHAI and AASHTO M180 norms. The common places where barriers find use include school zones, worksites near a road, water tanks, and overhead bridges.

Use of safety barriers helps reduce the intensity of accidents. The damage is lessened because the barrier absorbs most of the force. The vehicle damage is also reduced considerably so there is a lesser monetary loss.

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