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Centrifugal Blower Market Technological Breakthroughs by 2026

By Chaitali    18 / Feb / 2019    In Category Technology


Centrifugal blowers are widely used in ventilation system to control air pollution and transport gas. Centrifugal blowers are capable of changing the air flow direction by speeding up and turning 90 degrees before exiting the blower. Alternatively, their directed air flow can be used to move objects. Also, their high suction can be utilized to hold an object in position. Centrifugal blowers can attain substantial higher pressures than centrifugal fans. The pressures can also be used to create negative pressures for vacuum systems in various end-user industries. Centrifugal blowers are similar to centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal blower is typically gear-driven and can rotate as fast as fifteen thousand revolutions per minute (rpm).

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They are widely used in steel plants, power stations, cement plants, and mining, chemical, food, pulp & paper, and textile industries. Focus on achieving greater efficiency and rise in importance on sustainability have encouraged manufacturers to invest heavily in R&D to develop low-noise and cost-effective products that can optimize the overall processing. This has led to the development of integrally geared oil-free centrifugal turbo blowers that offer maximum flow, high efficiency, and a reliable, energy-efficient, and continuous supply of air. Moreover, to save operational costs and enabling easy serviceability, these industrial blowers also provide clean and pure air as they are oil-free.

Strong demand for centrifugal blowers across steel plants, power stations, cement plants, and mining, chemical, food, pulp & paper, and textile industries is expected to drive the growth of the centrifugal blower market during the forecast period. Additionally, increasing demand for centrifugal blowers from the power and mining industries in Europe and the U.S. is likely to act as a major contributor to the growth of the market during the forecast period. Rapid urbanization and industrialization has triggered the construction industry in Asia Pacific, which is estimated to boost the demand for centrifugal blowers in the steel and cement plants in the region. High pressure centrifugal blowers are used in storage and blending areas, additives, chemicals. Also, centrifugal blowers are used for conveying raw materials used in the cement manufacturing gases.

The global centrifugal blower market can be segmented based on pressure, end-user, and region. In terms of pressure, the centrifugal blower market can be classified into high pressure centrifugal blower, medium pressure centrifugal blower, and low pressure centrifugal blower. Based on end-user, the centrifugal blower market can be categorized into power station, steel plant, cement plant, mining, chemical, pulp & paper industries. In terms of region, the global centrifugal blower market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America and Asia Pacific are estimated to the major revenue contributors of the centrifugal blower market throughout the forecast period.

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Key players operating in the global centrifugal blower market include KAESER KOMPRESSOREN, Atlantic Blower, Atlas Copco, CLEANTEK, HSI Blower, Alfotech Fans, Aerotech Equipments and Projects Pvt. Ltd, HSI Blower, and Airmake Cooling Systems. They focus on development and introduction of innovative products to satisfy customers’ changing preferences.

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