Buying Silver Plated Rose Online Can Be a Desirable Option for Beloved Ones

By Everlastingroses    11 / Jan / 2019    In Category Shopping


The rose is the most popular and beloved flower. For hundreds of years the rose has been a symbol of love, care and sympathy. Everybody wants to gift something that stays forever but flowers die with the time. So, dipped rose were made for preserving the flower for long time. Silver is being a precious and valuable metal always. It is also used to make ornaments and silver coins. These coins acts like an investment for future. It is a symbol of purity, strength, vision and awareness. So, buying silver plated rose online can be a best gifting option as it can show the love of rose with purity of silver.

How silver dipped roses will last forever?

Silver is a flexible metal, which can mould easily to form a desired shape. The petals and leaves get dried and fall easily. It stays for very little time. So, the silver dipped process has been done for preserving the petals, leaves and stem and 0.999 silver roses are the best as it has leaves the symbolism up to interpretation. Now anybody can buy 999 silver dipped roses online as it has the design that includes purity and weight. Silver dipped roses can help to give a special message to your beloved one. It is show the personal sentiment and also give some messages to the other.

The process to make it

The basic step to make a silver dipped rose is that the beautiful roses are plucked from the nursery when it will on the peak of bloom, then it is kept for freezing, then coated with copper and nickel after that it got dipped in .999 silver. It takes 3 to 5 months to complete the process. Buying silver plated rose online so that you do not have to go outside and search of it. It can be a good option for gift, as it can be a luxurious gift. The silver on the roses gives a lustrous mirror look to the rose. If you want to show a strong feeling to your beloved one then you can buy it.

What you should check while buying it online?

You should be careful while buying it as it has silver and it is sometimes costly from the other metal like copper etc. You should check some points when you are buying .999 silver dipped roses online;

- The quality of the.999 silver must be certified.
- The matching leather box should available for keeping the rose safe.
- A certified card should present in the box.
- Choose the measurement of the rose according to your requirement and budget.
- You must verify the address you are providing for delivery twice.
- Check all the details provided by you while ordering.

You can gift it in any occasion such as wedding day, birthday anniversary, mother’s day or to salute your senior. You can also buy it for home decor. Gift them to feel glamorous and show her that you want to care for lifetime.