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Bridal gifts guide to help you when you visit next any wedding in DC

By Lebustiere    11 / Sep / 2018    In Category Fashion

Bridal showers are so much fun, especially when it`s of your close friends or sister that`s about to tie the knot. The part that is not a fun is finding the best gift for your bride-to-be. These bridal parties are mostly held during weddings in DC to make the bride feel special by showering with her beautiful gifts and memories to celebrate her big day.

Many ladies try o find the best bridal gifts near me, but it can be really a tough choice for them to find something intimate for someone else. Here, we are helping you with a list of bridal gifts that are great options when you just have no idea what style she likes.

A robe

A bridal robe can be your preferred choice when it comes to bridal gifts. As you don`t need to know her specific measurements and you can get them in a variety of fabrics, prints, and patterns. The robe would pair great with any kind of her lingerie as well as she can also use daily after a shower or bath. Throw in some of the bubble bath, a scented candle, and some linen spray and you`ve got a gift that is going to make her feel royal.


Pajamas are also a great choice too because chances are, especially at a lingerie themed shower, she`s going to end up with more lingerie than she knows what to do with. So, giving a beautiful pair of PJ`s can be a comfortable choice that she can wear all the day along with that perfect touch of sex appeal.


Panties are a really fun and practical choice to gift on her bridal shower. There are some bridal panties too which are beautifully crafted to ignite the sexiness of those curves. It`s a good choice to make a package of 10-15 different kinds of panties to gift to the bride. You can pack it in different ways like making a string of them so they pull out of the box like some magic trick or wrap them all separately so she has to open each one. Whatever way you pack, these panties are a great choice that she can wear daily.

Gift cards

You can also gift her gift cards of bridal boutique who design and provide custom lingerie styles to meet all your fantasies. A gift card can also be a good choice if you`re still unsure what to get.  

In fact, lingerie is a very popular gift choice during a wedding in DC. Be it your friend, sister or any relative who is getting married, it is good to make a little research before you start your shopping.


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