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Benefits of Taking Home Loan From MyLoanCare

By Tusharsingh321    31 / Aug / 2018    In Category Finance

India is the second most populated country in the world. Its population is growing by leaps and bounds. With the growth of population, demand for services and infrastructure like health, education, housing, food supply etc. is on the rise. Rising demand has led to an increase in price. Purchasing a house is everyone`s dream and India is a densely populated country, its majority of the population is putting up either in rented houses or have no house of their own. With the rising prices, you might find it difficult to turn your dream of purchasing house into reality. The government of India is making all the possible efforts to help people fulfill their dream of owning a house through various schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna etc

Apart from various government schemes, there are many banks and NBFCs offering home loan at affordable prices. If you don`t have enough funds for buying a home, then you can take a home loan. With the growth and advancement in technology, applying for a home loan has become very easy. You can apply for a home loan by sitting at home through MyLoanCare. Let`s discuss the benefits of taking a home loan from MyLoanCare:

Interest rate comparison

Rate of interest on home loan varies across different lenders. You can compare the rate of interest of different lenders by visiting the MyLoanCare Website. Additionally, when you apply for a home loan through MyLoanCare, a loan advisor will contact you and guide you about the best loan deals in terms of lower rate of interest, lower processing fee and other terms and conditions.

Saves time

You can apply for a home loan offline as well as online. If you decide to apply for a loan offline, then you will have to visit the bank along with all the required documents. It will require your time as well as money. Through MyLoanCare, you can apply for a loan online easily by sitting at home, without having the need to visit the bank.

Free online tools

MyLoanCare offers various free online tools like eligibility calculator and EMI calculator. Before applying for a home loan, you can use eligibility calculator to know the amount of loan you are eligible for. Also, to know if taking a loan will be affordable for you or not, you can use the EMI calculator. If EMIs are not pocket-friendly then you can alter loan amount or tenure to make it pocket-friendly.

Complete assistance during the loan process

When you apply for a home loan through MyLoanCare then a loan officer contacts you and he/she provides you complete assistance during the entire loan process. To ensure the quick and easy approval of your loan, loan officer coordinates with you and partner banks throughout the loan process. You can contact them as and when required, they respond without any delay.

No need to visit a bank for documents submission

After the loan application, the next step is to collect documents. A loan officer from MyLoanCare arranges a document pick-up from your place, as per the time and place convenient to you.


MyLoanCare offers attractive cashback to its customers after disbursement of the loan amount. So, if your loan gets disbursed through MyLoanCare then you are entitled to get an assured cashback. The process to apply for cashback is hassle-free, you can apply for it online and you don`t have to wait for days to get your cash back. Once your loan is disbursed, you get cashback within 5-7 working days.

MyLoanCare App

You can download MyLoanCare App in your mobile and apply through it. App has various features like you can set alerts for interest rate changes, you can read blogs, track your loan application, apply for cashback through it etc.

Keeping in mind the benefits listed above, apply for a home loan through MyLoanCare and turn your dreams into reality.


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