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Benefits of Hiring A Wedding DJ in Melbourne for Your Reception

By Mercurydjhire    1 / Mar / 2018    In Category Music


Are you still considering options for the entertainment at your wedding reception? A great option for you would be to hire a wedding DJ in Melbourne. While wedding DJs don’t offer everything you may want, they do give the most benefit when compared to the other options out there. If you are wondering what those benefits are, hold your horses because this article may just get you convinced.


Wedding DJs cost less than live bands, sometimes in considerable amounts. Not only that, a wedding DJ in Melbourne can usually hook you up with some sweet deals for perks such as extra lighting, an excellent sound system, and so on. Which pretty much means you get more for less. However, don’t pick the cheapest DJ around just to save up; the rule of thumb is if the price of the wedding DJ is too high or too low, tread with caution. Do your research on the average prices for Wedding DJs in Melbourne and look for great offers and the best deals.


Since wedding DJs come usually as one-man packages, with only a possible addition of a member or two, you don’t need to have a huge venue to accommodate them. Some people have to book larger venues for their wedding reception despite having smaller crowds just because they hired a live band which can be a real waste of money. Not only that, you won’t have a lot of extra mouths to feed during your reception.

Variety and Value for Money

While some argue that live bands provide a more fun atmosphere, you cannot deny that a wedding DJ makes up for what he or she lacks in variety. With an extensive playlist of carefully selected songs, a good quality DJ will never have trouble getting your crowd excited and uplifted throughout the reception. Guests will also be happy with the fact that they can request for pretty much any song, and the DJ will be able to play it. Live bands usually have a more narrow selection of songs because it is limited to what they can play. Besides that, wedding DJs usually can double as spokespersons, reducing your headache of finding someone else to handle the emceeing. Wedding DJs also need fewer breaks than live bands, so you’ll definitely be getting the most out of your money.

Add-on Services

There is a variety of wedding DJ packages that you can choose from when hiring a wedding DJ Melbourne. The DJ can double up as the MC or comedian depending on what they offer. And since you will basically be working with an individual, even if they are signed up in a DJ company, you can request them to perform extra services like making announcements and introductions at no extra cost. Besides, the DJ is already expected to do shout-outs during the event, so they may probably find little add-ons more entertaining.


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