Authentic leadership

By Samiragupta    4 / Oct / 2018    In Category Career

“Authentic leadership is the full expression of “me” for the benefit of “we”.” -Henna Inam,

Authentic/original/real/actual/true/veritable everyone wants all these traits in their leaders /mentor, so that they can look up to them and relate to them and  work on the same goals with more of intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation. But in today world demanding such authentic leadership sounds like an unrealistic and not practical demand, but having said that authentic leadership can do wonders! Also this leadership style have the potential to change and create innovation. Authentic leadership is all about being true to oneself and as well as to others. Authentic leaders share their failure stories which other leaders hides and this attitude stand them out from other leaders.

Every one appreciate and reinforce to be authentic, and everyone wants that they sound authentic /original. Although being authentic is not that hard to achieve but situations dynamic and external environment makes it difficult to achieve. Leaders who wants to control their followers end up with failure as a leaders.

Phoniness can be sensed from miles away, but authenticness can be sensed from miles away too and this is more long lasting. Authentic leader learn into challenges and go the extra mile to work with, understand, develop, inspire their followers and empower  the diversity of people they have the opportunity to lead. Authentic leaders do not fake. Authentic leaders does not need filters, they are original copy. In this intense global competition, startup era authentic leadership is the need of the hour.

Some made music; some made noise, and all made a difference! When we think of future, we hope for progress and for a progressive future we need great leaders. Great leaders are those who use their unique combination of strengths not only to engage employees but also to inspire them and unlock motivation among them through empowerment and not by commanding or controlling. Leaders can only change by doing things differently. Great leaders are made and to lead this millennial generation, leaders must make extra efforts to become respected, inspiring, compelling, courageous & charismatic to achieve brilliance. Authentic leaders promotes authentic dialogue among their fellows.

Authentic leadership is full with confidence and makes others empower. In this world of scarce leadership skills, great leaders are in demand and authentic helps employees to get ahead, influence others and unlock motivation in people. Authentic leader’s acts as a professional magnet that influences others, it’s the ability to win confidence of those around you.

An authentic leader and Image Consultant is able and responsible to unlock the potential of others to make the world better and to make others authentic leader has giving attitude, they focus on empower their fellows not to control them.

Authentic leader promote creativity, involvement and all this lead to job satisfaction, work engagement at the individual, group and at organizational level.

With authentic leadership style employees’ perspective both affective and behavioral can be formed in positive way they will feel more connected with their work.

Leaders with authentic style generally have high emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Authentic leaders positively influence follower’s behavior, provide trust, faith and intrinsic motivation.

Honest, trustworthy, kind, mindful, good listener, people leaders, humble, motivator all these are traits of an authentic leaders and all these traits helps to build a strong team, make work life balance, commitment, job satisfaction and most importantly feeling of belongings .

Authentic leaders creates lasting values, they influence generations every after their death because they create belief and attitude which is mortal.