Atmospheric water generator-Attempt to solve the world’s water crisis

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According to recent studies, the biggest challenge we are facing globally is water scarcity. The water scarcity is nothing but a shortage of fresh or potable drinking water or lack of access to the freshwater resources, this particular condition refers to water stress or water scarcity. And the water scarcity affects the other functions or lack of fresh potable drinking water to the people may lead to a water crisis.

There has been taking several measures to overcome the water scarcity problem. And various atmospheric water solutions have been finding to provide sustainable solutions that can give relief from water-related issues. One such technology is an atmospheric water generator, a device that creates water by using humidity present in the air. By condensation, the humid ambient air turns to fresh and pure water.

The water generated by the atmospheric water generator is fresh, safe, and pure drinking water. As the atmosphere is an infinite source of water, it can serve as an alternate source for the freshwater. Maithri Aquatech is one of the supreme atmospheric water generator manufacturers, who come up with efficient atmospheric water solutions for residential and commercial uses.

Our atmosphere water generating systems can produce thousands of litres of water per day, and the water generated will be intensely filtered to give us the fresh and ultimate quality of drinking water. Our air to water generator is configured to produce safe and pure remineralised potable drinking water.

How does an atmospheric water generator work

Air is absorbed by the atmospheric water generator-Meghdoot where the air is properly cleaned by removing all the dust and dirt and allows to use pure humid ambient air by the system. And in the system, the condensation takes place to create water and the water is subjected to multi-stage filtering system to remove all the impurities and contaminants and it adds minerals to get the fresh taste and maintain the premium quality of the water.

Our uniquely designed atmospheric water generators are eco-friendly, energy efficient, and more reliable in giving the safe, pure, and healthiest water. We offer customized atmospheric water generating systems to facilitate a wide range of applications in different industries.

We serve the high-grade customizable atmospheric water generators with different sizes and capacities that perfectly suits for low precipitation, arid regions. And also for commercial and residential establishments, remote village communities, offices, homes, schools, hospitals, industries and so on.

As one of the major atmospheric water generator manufacturers, we use innovative, advanced technology and strive to provide pure, fresh, clean and safe potable drinking water to everyone. With the help of our water from air machine, you can generate water out of air at any time and anywhere.

Compared to the generally available atmospheric water generators that use conventional air-to-water technology to extract water whereas our technology uses the perfect tested methods to produce clean and safe water. Our atmospheric water generating systems consume less amount of energy and consistently generate fresh water from the air. A sustainable solution that provides infinite access to the fresh and safe potable water which costs less than other purified or bottled water. Ultimate atmospheric water generators that consume less power, and needs little maintenance.


Over the past years, numerous water generating technologies have been developed that may range from small to large systems. Compared to other alternatives like water recycling, desalination, bottled water, the atmospheric water generator is helpful and the best economical solution that provides access to fresh and safe water anywhere. Our approach of using atmospheric water generating systems has the potential to mitigate the world’s water crisis.


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