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At Last gives general users opportunity to add film reviews

By Leslie19yb    14 / Sep / 2018    In Category Business

At last there is a site that, almost like Amazon does on it’s sales products, allows users like you and I to add our own thoughts on numerous films, and that site is

Whilst the title won’t slip off the tongue immediately it does give people the opportunity to read reviews quickly rather than scroll through hundreds, if no thousands of words that we have become accustomed to when reading film reviews in the main press and the currently popular review sites.

People don’t always want a full in-depth review of a film. They want the basics, much like Amazon. "Is it good", "Is it bad", "is it worth a watch". Far too often we are presented with a full thought-out essay which in the end, doesn’t really tell us anything apart from perhaps the lighting or the fact that an actors method acting might have us on the edge of our site.

The good thing with is that you can zip through a number of reviews very quickly and with its handy 5 star system you can quickly ascertain whether it’s worth the watch on a Friday evening or not.

What’s more is that you can add your own review very easily, almost like adding a quick facebook comment, with just a name, e-mail (which is not kept), your rating and your quick thoughts of the movie in question, and that is all you need.

People have less time on their hands than they used to and the fact they can quickly scroll through multiple reviews at breath-taking speed means you find out which film you wish to watch within just a few moments. You can also add you own review after watching the film just as quickly.

They currently also offer competitions to those seeking experience where you can win cash, yes, actual cash and not your usual vouchers or a chance to win nothing at all.

WhichFilm is certainly here to stay and I would advise anyone and everyone who is a fan of film to visit asap, if not to just read the odd review to watch a film over the weekend, but to perhaps add your own review that you’ve always liked, or even sign up for their experience program to add to your resume or CV and of course give you the chance to win some much wanted extra cash! is at last a website that allows users with little reviewing experience of adding their thoughts on the films they have viewed.

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