Assault causes bodily injury family violence in females; problems and solutions

By Ninaholm    12 / Jan / 2018    In Category Site Promotion


The future of our society’s well-being is actually linked to the perfect ability to trust, care, and educate our young generation. Among those families which are not able to effectively care for their young generation without any kind of assistance, always lie one of the great sources of extreme violence and human criminality. Until people learn this fact, they will continuously build various prisons at much higher rates than the prevention and its treatment. Therefore, we need to stop this cycle of violence, and take steps against assault causes bodily family violence in which most of the cases are especially associated with females. Here are some problems and solutions identified.

Problems; Economic disadvantage and social disorganization

According to a recent study, it has been observed that economic disadvantage and social disorganization is associated with female homicide. Women express violence in response to extreme frustration. Most of the females tend to kill their spouse (29% of female homicide victims), a friend (19%), or a boyfriend or their girlfriend (20%) and try to kill the co-worker (15%) kill their sibling. There are almost 12% US homicide offenders found 16% females have been identified as the serial killers. And the basic motive behind 44% female serial killers is the money. Substance abuse is another important factor that is involved when some abused woman kills her abusive male partner. In addition to that, most of the mothers kill their children have been diagnosed as psychotic, stressed, isolated, and have long histories of psychological disorders. 

Solutions: Early identification and intervention

Researchers are still trying to identify the solutions for social disorganization but they presented an early identification and the intervention to the violent homes as a necessary solution. And they asked to stop this brutal cycle of family violence. As a society, everyone should try to intervene early with the best therapy and the great family supports for all families that are exposed to such violence. And if they are feeling helpless, they can also consult with the lawyers for assault causes bodily injury family violence cases in order to fight for their rights. 

Being convicted and executed for a murder is a very serious and embarrassing thing for a female, if you know someone surviving such kind of brutality and a victim of violence cases, you can choose to contact for further assistance and guidance.