Asbestos removal from the buildings

By Wickrw    6 / Dec / 2018    In Category Home and Family

Hi my name is Edward, I lived in UK from last 30 years. My parents shifted to US from south New Zealand, at that time I was a small kid and very happy to see new people our new home was also very good. We started enjoying our new friend circle and neighbours. But few years later my mother got sick with fibrosis of lungs.

Fibrosis is a respiratory disease in which scars are formed in the lung tissues, leading to serious breathing problems. I became sad but on enquiring about the disease I got to know that it is due to the present of asbestos in the roof of our house. The presence of asbestos in the roof of house may cause some other serious diseases too that include some very dangerous diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma.

After finding out the reason of the disease, we started the treatment as well as we started searching for new home so that it may not affect further. But later we got to know that some of the companies are working in the area of removal of asbestos from the roof of the buildings. We started searching for the Asbestos Removal companies so that we can also host any agency form the list of the best for Asbestos Removal from the roof our house.

So we finally selected asbestos removal agencies as their ratings were good and many people suggested their name for removal of asbestos from the roof of the house. We contacted them, and they came the very next day. What I liked about their way working is that they first conducted a detailed survey by sending a specialist team and later based on the conducted survey they send a team for removing asbestos from the roof. Finally our home became free from the harmful chemical and my mother also feeling well after getting the proper treatment.

Few years later in 1999, UK government also passed a law related to asbestos removal from the roof of the buildings as the cases of death due to the harmful chemical were increasing every year. We thanks to the team of the for their good work.          

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