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An overview on ‘How to sell my Scooter online’

By Scrapmybike    12 / Dec / 2017    In Category Automotive


Sell My Scooter need you to go through a lot of planning and thinking in order to make the right decision. Unless you are fully aware of all the considerable factors, there is a good chance that you might end up selling your scooter for a much lower price in comparison to what you had in mind. So in case you are trying to sell your old scooter in order to buy a better one, you need to keep a few useful details in mind. A few of them are discussed below for your convenience and understanding.

Sell your scooter online

There are several different ways to sell something in exchange for a reasonable amount of money. if you are planning on getting rid of your scooter for some reason, the best way to sell it is to make use of online platforms. There are numerous online portals that allow you to place ads for your scooter and ask a reasonable price for it. Selling your scooter online is a much better choice in comparison to going to a local dealer or publicizing it in the local vicinity as when you decide to go online with your sale, you have the whole world as a potential buyer which greatly increases your chances at getting the right price.

How to find out your scooter’s worth?

Before you try to sell your scooter online, it is very important to get an idea about its actual worth considering its overall condition and the year of manufacturing. In order to do so, you may use different websites but the most preferable choice in this regard is the one known as Kelley Blue Book site. You need to visit this site in order to find out about the blue book value of your scooter after providing its credentials like make, model, manufacturing year and condition of the scooter. It is strongly recommended not to rely upon just one quote. There are plenty of other platforms as well besides Kelley Blue Book. So you need to check out more than just one platform to find out about the actual worth of the scooter.

Some useful tips to sell your scooter online

When you have successfully managed to find the right price for your scooter, it is time for you to post an ad on one or more buy/sell websites or social media groups. A few tips to help you get the right kind of responses for your ad are listed below for your convenience.

  • Clean up your scooter and try to make it look as good as possible before taking any pictures
  • Take lots of pictures covering every single part of the scooter
  • Come up with a catchy phrase for your ad
  • Provide a brief description for your scooter – define the condition and other features shortly
  • Your asking price should be slightly higher than the actual market value of the scooter


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