Aluminium Composite Panel Popularity in Market

By Ritasharma956    8 / Nov / 2018    In Category Business


Amongst the new age material available, Aluminium Composite Panel has become very popular in the market. This material is useful for both exterior, interior applications and signage. Its overall appeal is on account of not only the wide range of colors and material finish like stone, wood etc. but also due to its ease of use. It can be folded easily or blended into different shapes, which helps a designer to use it innovatively. This material consists of two layers of coated aluminum sheets, one at the top and another at the bottom. At the core sandwiched between these two layers is polyethylene. Obviously, this new age material has numerous practical and technical advantages over the conventional ones. Apart from its flexibility, it is amazingly lightweight and one can install it really fast. All this is possible without any heavy cost thereby making it affordable and also easy to maintain.

Other benefit is that it is not only chemical resistant, but also has the ability to withstand termites and fungi. Over and above, it is Ultra Violent resistant and can be recycled. These benefits make Aluminium Composite Panel a very useful material in the field of construction.

Apart from construction industry where pre-fabricated products are widely used, another sector where it is used is in the aircraft industry. This is because weight-saving is very important for the optimum performance of an aircraft. Another sector where it is used is in the packaging industry. It is probably used most extensively in the construction industry where it is used for partitions, false ceilings etc. It is also a material which is used for constructing temporary structures in trade show booths etc. Its range of application is so wide that it is now being used for mounting fine art photography and for museum displays.

Apart from its application, what makes ACP a preferred choice amongst materials is because of the following

  1. ACP sheets are weather and stain resistant and have a durable life. In fact it is able to weather the changes of season without losing its capability. Another attraction is that aluminum composite panels are hassle free when it comes to maintenance. A simple wiping of the ACP sheet could be sufficient to remove dirt or dust.
  2. ACP also has the added advantage of being fire-proof and is not harmful for those living in such structures.

These above benefits combined with cost-effectiveness makes this material ideal for those who are constrained by a tight budget. The low cost, however, does not imply that it compromises on quality particularly relating to thermal comfort. It is also easy to install whether it happens to be for interior or exterior requirements making it a wise choice for a discerning customer.