Best Deals for Day Diving in Komodo

By Mikumbadiving    12 / Jan / 2019    In Category Travel and Leisure


The absolute best way to explore & experience Komodo is on a liveaboard, and here’s a brief sum-up of how a trip with us would be like.


“Time to wake up! Dive briefing in 30 minutes” It’s usually the sound of our crew going around the boat making sure you’re up in time for the 1st dive. It’s early and the boat is gently rocking by the ocean and it’s time to explore some of the best diving in Indonesia. Time for some small breakfast of fruit, toast and juice before our first dive briefing. It’s amazing to jumping into the ocean early in the morning to enjoy the healthy marine life! During the 1st dive on our budget liveaboard, our chef is preparing a bigger breakfast with pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and fruit platter, so when we get up from the dive we can just dig in! on our boat trip in Komodo we usually move around in-between the dives. So when we move the boat we get ready for dive no.2 at another stunning site diving in Komodo.

The regular routine is simple, and we like to keep it that way. Diving, eating, relaxing and sleeping, and a lot of laughing is really all you need on your vacation. After dive no. 2 it’s lunch time with a longer surface interval to enjoy the extraordinary scenery, read a book, exchange diving stories with your buddy or just have a nap. Our dive boat is big & there’s always space to crash on a bean bag, overlooking the stunning grass covered Komodo island. When we feel ready, it is time to go diving again. Diving in Komodo is quite unique and there’s no other place like it. We might be greeted by currents under water but that also usually means there’s plenty of marine life at the reefs. Diving is not the only thing we’re doing on the trips onboard our budget liveaboard in Komodo, we also do land excursions usually in the afternoon when it’s not as hot. There are numerous of hills to climb, perfect for catching the sunset. We also Visit Komodo island or rinca to see the Komodo dragon. The evenings onboard consist of delicious food (both western & local favorites), sunset watching and maybe a beer or two with a game of cards. We can’t guarantee it but the guests are often tired after a full day with 3 or 4 dives and will retire to bed for a good night of sleep before doing this amazing schedule once again. To get a detailed itinerary of our liveaboard trips, please visit