A Mini Manali Tour Guide

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The breathtaking and pretentious views of the valley, sprawling meadows, misty Himalayan peaks, trees, and serenity in the atmosphere- doesn’t that define a description of a place in a fairy tale? Believe it, this description matches the charm of Manali. Popular as the paradise of lovers, Manali is indeed an enchanting destination in India. Located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, this beguiling hill town is enveloped in the beautiful Himalayan range. This quaint town is a must-see destination in Himachal Pradesh where tourists can take delight in different activities. Owing to its pulchritude, tour packages for Manali are gaining popularity among tourists.

The Essence of History

A majority of people visit Manali for holidaying and admire its beauty. However, there’s only a bunch of people that know about the history of Manali. So, let’s dig out some history of the hill town. This place was formerly known as Manu Alay that literally translates to the ‘Abode of Manu’, the first male on the planet. A shrine dedicated to Manu is also located atop a hill in the valley and is known as Manu Hill.

Nagger Castle is another prime attraction in Manali that narrates the tales of Manali of the then times. It was ruled by Siddh Singh, the emperor of Manali. Under his rule, this quaint hill town flourished at pace. A majority of ancient monuments in Manali were constructed under his rule. After the British invasion, it was made the summer capital of the British Empire for a prolonged period. Different churches and building were erected in Manali in the Victorian architecture.

The Activities You Can Enjoy

Manali never disappoints its guests and has something for everyone. If you are an adventure buff and adore challenging your potentials, contact a travel management firm and get booked an adventure tour package in Manali. The beautiful trails in Manali offer a spectacular experience of camping under the cerulean sky. As the dusk prevails, the skies of Manali get embellished with glistening countless stars- a sight that leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of onlookers.

Apart from camping, people swarm to Manali for relishing the venture of trekking and rock climbing. There are different trails for novice trekkers and professional trekkers. By choosing an adventure tour package in Manali, you can also register with the group leader that will guide throughout the venture and assure the safety of all members. During winters, when the entire town of Manali gets shrouded in snow, it becomes a famous skiing destination as well. People from nearby & far-off places visit Manali for displaying their skiing skills.

The Cuisine of Manali

Like every place has its special flavor and appetizers, the town of Manali offers you the same. Apart from the omnipresent delicacies like pizza, burger, pao bhaji etc., you should try the authentic Himachali foods. Babru, Patande, Bhey, Tudkiya Bhaat, Chana Madra, potato bread omelet etc., are some must-try food items in Manali.

On An Ending Note…

Manali is indeed a fantastic place for spending holidays and honeymoon. It is a paradise for all nature lovers that seek a break from the concrete jungles and polluted air. The town of Manali promises fun to all its guests. So, contact the nearest travel agent and get a Manali holiday tour package booked now!