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A Happy Wedding with A Professional Wedding Dj

By Mercurydjhire    4 / May / 2018    In Category Music

Djs Are A Must

Today with every event a DJ is an essential component. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday or an office function. Even regular clubs and bars have DJs on their rolls. DJs ad juice to the already recorded music. They will understand the mood of the people and change tracks or mix them accordingly. In one way they are the ones who set the mood for the party

DjsAnd Short History

The word DJ, as all of us know, expands as Disc Jockey. The word was coined by American radio commentator Walter Winchell. He described a Wedding DJ as one who jockeys or operates the machine that plays the discs. Combining both it became Disc Jockey. However, in those days they just played the popular records on air in radio stations.

Later these Radio Jockeys as they are known now started appearing in parties and clubs to play the music to an audience. They used music systems to play popular music to the crowd while talking in between to keep the audience attentive. They also had a drummer playing in between the songs so that the dancing continues.

It was in the mid-70s that record players specifically meant for Hire Wedding DJ started making an appearance. Here songs could be played continuously one after the other and also mixed with each other.

The 90s saw DJs begin to sell their names as brands. Some DJs were so popular they traveled all over the world playing music for audiences. This period also saw cult following for DJs. Records made way for Compact Discs, but vinyl records were still made mainly for use by the DJs.

In the late 90s with the launch of the MP3 audio player the scene totally changed for the DJ. Wedding DJ They had specially time-coded vinyl records or CDs on which they could control the music in MP3 files. Though this was not welcomed first by the old DJs it soon caught the fancy of all. Slowly the digital DJ systems began to enter the scene.

The new century has seen the advancement in the DJ skills. As digitalization continued DJs not just played music but also played with the lights and effects which greatly improved the atmosphere for dancing.

DjingIn Modern Days

DJs don’t just do the job of playing music. They should know the music, kinds of music to be played on different occasions and different audiences. They should also know the genres of music that can be played together and mixed. They also need to be technically savvy to operate the modern machines used by DJs.


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