A Brief Guide: The Evolution of Sneakers Culture

By TaylaDyer    13 / Feb / 2019    In Category Fashion


Sneakers have come a long way from their humble beginnings as sportswear footwear into becoming an icon of the modern generation. Nowadays sneakers transform and bring value to the overall look. They have become a symbol of the movement, an artwork, or even social status. Through the years sneakers rapidly grew their fan base and created a cult that is overly loyal. Most of them are men but there is also a significant amount of women that became highly dedicated sneaker enthusiasts. Check out the long history of sneakers through the decade from the original design to the no-tie elastic laces for sneakers.

Everything Started in the 19th Century

The history writes down that in the early 19th-century specific footwear for tennis players was developed. The industry started to catch up on the 1920s and this new footwear became a mass production that spread out all around America. The rising of a new brand like Converse also promoted sneakers as sportswear with their ‘All-Star’ signature. During World War 1 sneakers became “unofficial shoes” that many troops used on their daily training routine. Sneakers became a part of the heavy-duty activity.

The Jogging Sneakers Era

Sneakers image as affordable, casual, and easy to use footwear is growing rapidly in society. People started to incorporate sneakers in their daily activity and the jogging sneakers trend developed. Sneakers became footwear that can be used not only by men but also for children and women. The versatility of sneakers spread out and became a big trend. Fashion magazines started to feature this footwear into its editorial and advertised it even bigger. The fashion industry shaped the perspective of sneakers into something edgy and fashionable. People eventually start to feel cool when they are wearing sneakers and no wonder now they look for purple shoelaces near me.

The Superstar Identity

Many iconic and famous sneakers brands started to collaborate with famous talents. Many of you remember the iconic collaboration of sneakers with NBA superstars. Through the years the collaboration has even bigger into musician and Hollywood stars. No wonder, many are crazy and became more serious in collecting limited edition sneakers. The sneakers market prices are rocketing and creating a unique community that never existed before. Sneakers became a symbol of the new millennial generation and are indeed a big part of the bygone era. You may not use sneakers daily but you can find many headlines about massive collaborations between superstars and sneakers brands.

The Art Movement

For the last decade, many exhibitions started to feature sneakers culture as part of the theme. It is really mesmerizing to witness a massive development of sneakers from ordinary sportswear into something luxe and highly curated nowadays. Many artists dedicated their life to creating an intricate and unique piece of art in sneakers form. One of the famous sneakers artist Pierre Hardy, for example, joined several legit exhibitions in Brooklyn, Ohio, and Atlanta. He displayed many of his graphic art design on sneakers in that exhibition. A dedicated sneakers culture movement, from basic design into the no-tie elastic laces for sneakers has come a long way.