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7 basic items that you must include in your elegant bridal lingerie

By Lebustiere    27 / Aug / 2018    In Category Fashion

It`s that time of year again! All those months of planning will finally pay off for those lucky brides and grooms to be, now that it`s wedding season. All over couples will be tying the silky, floral, white, pristine, well-orchestrated knot and making the most of glorious weather. So, in order to help you in preparation for your special day, we are offering a hit-list of the 7 steps to a bridal lingerie, enjoy and congratulations.

1) Briefs & Thongs: Coming at number one, the briefs & thongs are one of the important reveals. You can get a large range of comfortable and elegant bridal lingerie, especially when it comes to panties, which span from the beautiful and feminine to the downright bottom-spanking naughty.

2) Bridal bras: Bras may be on the second number in the list, but they are by no means the lightweights of your bridal collection. Finding the perfect bra for your bliss day is fundamental. Of course, and that means not only one that suits the neckline, design, and color of your bridal gown, but also one that makes you look ravishing. You can find a large collection of bridal bras that provide support, comfort, and beauty in bridal shops in DC.

3) Corsets: A perfect fit corset is a right choice to keep everything in the place as you`re stepping down the aisle and having your first dance with your husband. Along with this, a curve-flattering corset is also one of the best choices for your wedding night.

4) Babydoll lingerie: A babydoll lingerie comes in different flirt yet classy styles that give off a touch of innocence as well as a little touch of kinkiness. The whole point of choosing beautiful babydoll lingerie is to wear to bed or to spice up a romantic evening.

5) Bodysuits & Slips: Somewhere in between lingerie and shapewear, A bodysuit is perfect for a practical bride who wants to show off her figure not just to her fiancee, but also to the rest of the people in the wedding party.

6) Gloves and cuffs: Take a look at the bridal magazine and you`ll see a new trend of these bridal accessories. These beautiful accessories make the bride jaw-droopingly gorgeous.

7) Garters: We would always recommend getting yourself a pretty, yet sturdy garter belt. It is a key component of a bride`s wedding day attire, hidden underneath her gown. Remember that because the wedding garter is not a visible part of your dress, you can choose one that doesn’t necessarily fit your wedding’s theme.

Now when you know all the steps for bridal lingerie, start your shopping now.

Happy Wedding!!

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