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7 Essentials of Addiction Pet Food

By Doggyfriend    14 / Feb / 2019    In Category Pets


Online selling of pet food in Singapore is quite known. The culture of feeding your pet is there ever since the animals are adopted as pets. But the online culture of selling pet foods and essentials is something new and marks the presence of the digital future. Brands such as Wellness, Nutripe, and Addiction are well established and are also recommended by the vets for your beloved pets.

Addiction pet food brand proves that dogs don’t turn their noses up at healthy food. In fact, they can be addicted to it!

Addiction pet food has all this to offer you

  • Addiction dog food contains absolutely no filler, by-products, and artificial coloring or flavoring. It’s wholly a natural product. Its formulas are grain – free. They come in dry, raw dehydrated and wet varieties.
  • There are no ingredients that are known to cause allergic reactions in dogs. So, every aspect of allergy and preservatives is taken care of.
  • The brand features an average protein content of 26% and a mean fat level of 14%.
  • All meats that are used to produce pet food are from sustainable sources like the wild or from suppliers that follow environmentally responsible practices.
  • They specialize in hypoallergenic pet nutrition.
  • The wild meats like kangaroo and salmon used in some of the foods are hypoallergenic and excellent for dogs allergic to other meats like poultry.
  • They have 10 varieties in dry food, 8 varieties in dog dehydrated food and 8 varieties in wet pet foods.

So, it is safe to say that feeding your pet with the right and healthy food is no more a task now. A trusted brand like them has made it easy for dogs to enjoy and even get addicted to healthy food.  You can shop these brands online. To your rescue, there is one site which has all sorted for you. DoggyFriend, which is sited in Singapore, is an online pet store. They have a wide range of all the trusted and tested pet food brands and offer every type of food. Besides food, they also have all the pet essentials which your pets need. You can visit their website for placing your order and help your pet stay healthy and happy.

Hope now, you’ll be well aware of the ingredients and types of food when you’ll feed your pet the next time.

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