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6 Major Advantages of Installing a COLA Covered Outdoor Learning Area

By Shadeandmembrane11    17 / Jan / 2019    In Category Industrial


School grounds offer a wealth of learning opportunities and outdoors classrooms are increasing in popularity. Many schools across the UK are beginning to look beyond the traditional classroom and incorporate outdoor learning within the curriculum.

An outdoor classroom is an external shelter within the grounds, which creates an extended covered practical area for outdoors learning and play. They can be designed to complement existing buildings and surroundings.

Here are 6 major advantages of installing a COLAs in schools.

  1. Extended learning space: Outdoor classrooms are an ideal choice for schools or institutes who want an extended space to their learning area or maximise the use of their school grounds. As class size increases, with some schools becoming pushed to accommodate more students, outdoor classrooms allow adding more space to the existing place without any disruption.
  2. Opportunity for hands-on learning: A dedicated outdoor classroom enables you to have an area for hands-on lessons that could include messy art projects, science projects or loud musical sessions that can be problematic indoors.
  3. Protection from harsh elements: Organising a class in outdoors is now more easy with these shades as they protect from all the harsh elements like wind, rain or harsh sun rays. This means that you can take classes in outdoors throughout the years.
  4. Good meeting point: Outdoors classrooms create a gathering place for children when learning outdoors. It allows them to explore the school grounds, and then meet at the outdoor classroom to share any findings.
  5. Numerous benefits: Outdoors classrooms are useful for more than lessons. They can also be used for dining in outdoors and also promote social engagement at play times. Doing this is crucial for forming relationships as well as developing communication skills.
  6. Permanent outdoors: An outdoor classroom provides a permanent space meaning that outdoor lessons can be fulfilled on a regular basis without leaving the school grounds and can be integrated into the school curriculum. This also helps give long-term structure to lessons and allows teachers to plan their outdoor time in advance.

Why outdoor learning is important?

Studies have shown that students feel more motivated, inspired and willing to learn when they play in outdoor areas. Installing outdoor learning areas is something that all schools should seriously consider about it.

You can also have a COLA covered outdoor learning area in your space by hiring shade system service provider in your area. As this structure is a high investment item, the reputed service provider makes sure to provide what you exactly want. You can also have a structure in an unlimited range of colour options that beautifully match or blend into an existing colour scheme.

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