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5 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Keywords

By JoshCremer    14 / May / 2018    In Category Technology

It is a fact that keywords are important in today’s world. But how does one use them and how do you get to identify them? The days when websites could be packed with keywords in order to receive traffic are long gone. Search engines have become much more intelligent and intuitive, favoring sites with high-quality content instead. This is important for the Boise web development company to note. Ensuring you maintain a strong keyword presence on your website may be tricky, however before you decide to bury your head in the sand, read the following pointers:
What is a keyword?
When a customer searches for any product or service, what words do they input on the search engine? These words are referred to as keywords. Considering the practices of the target audience related to searching is the first step in identifying strong keywords. Identify the language of your audience to know which set of words are most relatable to them.
2) Types of Keywords
There are two main types of keywords available. The first is broad match keywords followed by long tail keywords. Broad match keywords are the phrases that can apply to your company but will also be relevant to other companies within the same industry. Examples of such keywords are marketing, design, and clothes. They have high search volume but the competition level is also significantly high. Long Tail Keywords are longer and have specific words in their composition. They are really specific to your business and have less competition since the search volume is lower. These words will enable you to rank well within the industry. They also have a high rate of lead conversion.
3)    What to Use and What Not to
Keywords are more complicated than how they were used back in the day. There are arguments that support and are against keyword use. All in all, one of the key things of importance is that high-quality content provides value to the readers and will trump any other clever keyword strategy. Below are some relevant pros and cons to consider:
Long tail keywords will drive a shortlisted and specific type of visitors to your site, with a higher possibility of lead conversion.
Understanding customer needs to assist the business in using keywords that deliver meaningful content to them.
Keywords assist in creating a better organization within a website as each page will entail a different topic centered around the chosen keywords.
Broad match keywords can drive traffic to your website, however, the chances of lead conversions are low.
Using bad keywords that are not favorable in search engines can hurt the website related.
Using keywords that are not specific can lead to a high bounce rate as the audience is not finding the required content.
4)    How to Best Use Keywords
Keywords can be used in different ways by Boise web development company. Some of the most effective ways include using them within web page content, pay per click advertising, social media posts, blog posts, and job postings.  
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