4 Reasons Why Healthcare Sector Needs to Develop Mobile App

By Envertis    10 / Jan / 2019    In Category Computer Software


This article is going to give you some persuasive reasons why devising a mobile app for the healthcare sector is crucial.

Developing a mobile app for the healthcare sector would not only cater the patients but would help to boost the revenue of healthcare business as well. According to a recent study, the worldwide business revenue from the mobile healthcare would almost cross $22 billion by the end of this year. If you still haven’t a dedicated app for your hospital, you are missing a big time opportunity to help all those people who can get benefitted from an effective app. Moreover, not to forget, you are missing the opportunity to grow your business revenue as well. Here is a list of 4 convincing reasons why your health care sector needs a potent mobile app.


#1 Revised Directory Services

Finding a suitable specialist or a physician in a vast city is not a piece of cake! Moreover, after finding the contact, locating the chamber in a large medical campus, knowing that doctor’s availability, making an appointment - all these are quite a distressing job. When your patients have a dedicated app, all these activities can be done more efficiently and effortlessly. The revised directory is going to help the patients in the below-mentioned ways.

  • Finding any particular specialist in the large city

  • Getting appointments becomes smoother

  • Finding the location of a particular department within a vast medical campus becomes painless

  • Helps to augment the trust factor of the customers or patients once they can read valuable information on your health care sector from the app


#2 Easier Access to Medical Records

When a patient comes for a checkup, if the doctors or the physicians have access to the prior medical records, doing the necessary diagnosis becomes easier for them. Now, suppose that a patient appears with loads of papers, reports and previous prescriptions. Is it a feasible option for the physician to go through all the things minutely? That is why healthcare apps are important. How does it help the doctors? Read on the following points.

  • Easy 24X7 access to all the prior medical records

  • View the x-rays and ultrasounds

  • With a single click medical records can be transferred to the corresponding specialist

Thus, by adding the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) facility in the app, you can improve the quality of the activities in the medical sector.


#3 Facility of Automated Scheduling

Waiting in a queue of booking a movie ticket is nowhere similar to wait for a medical appointment! It can take a few minutes time to a few hours! How can a healthcare app help? Go through the below-mentioned points.

  • Patients can easily make their appointments

  • If needed, patients have the option to change the appointments easily

  • Patients can check how much time they have to wait and can appear accordingly. This ensures that patients don’t have to wait for hours in-person


#4 Smooth Bill Payment System

It is really a hectic and not to forget, a time-consuming process to keep a track of all the patients, who still haven’t made the payments. Moreover, from the patient’s side, waiting in a queue, physically counting the liquid cash and making the payment is quite a burdensome process. Dealing with such bill payments becomes much efficient when it can be dealt via a robust billing system integrated into a healthcare app. Additionally, it ensures diminishing billing amount blunders, which helps to avoid confusions.

Other than all the aforementioned points, this is an undeniable fact that nowadays, most of the healthcare specialists use a tablet at their workplaces. William & Wilkins recently did a survey and according to the survey report, almost 50% physicians prefer to use the tablet while diagnosing a patient. More interestingly, more than 70% nurses use smartphones for the operational purposes. Hence, you can understand this is the high time to get digital in your health care sector and devising a fruitful mobile app.

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