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4 Major Advantages of Installing a Car Park Solar Structure at Your Business Place

By Shadeandmembrane11    31 / Jan / 2019    In Category Industrial

When it comes to commercial solar panels, most businesses think of rooftop arrays on warehouses, or panels put out on vacant land that is not being used. However, when it comes to generating large amounts of power via commercial solar panels, one of the biggest resources in current is parking lots.

Here are a just few of the keys that elaborate the benefits of installing car park solar structure in your enterprise.

Constructive use of space

Parking lots are big, empty swaths of land, but their purpose is to store a car while customers are shopping. So even when a parking lot is empty a lot of the time, you need to leave it empty in case anyone wants to use it.
Car park solar structures, though, don’t take up space being used by the cars. They’re typically a dozen feet in the air. So customers can still park, and the business who owns the car park can use it as a power source.

Keeps vehicles cooler

We’ve all been there. You go out shopping on a bright summer day, and you spend a few hours picking out some clothes, getting lunch, or some other work. Walking back to a coll vehicle can leave a lasting impression on the positive shopping experience.

Not only car park solar structures keep your employees happy or your customers coming back for more, but they also have greater implications. A cool vehicle does not have to try hard to make the car cool and comfortable. In turn, the vehicle uses less energy and put less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Ultimately, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle increases and that means fewer trips to the pump.

High savings

Business always looks for ways to save their investments. Electricity is one of the major costs of any business, which is why so many firms are looking for green energy now. If you can make electricity yourself, and you can make it for a lower cost that you would buy it from a utility, then that is a smart business move. At the cost of solar panel drops, and more people than ever before install them, it is being a smart business expense for companies who want to do the most with what they have available.


What kind of services would your business like to offer with their solar canopies? Will you store the energy it generates, powering your business, or will use it to light up your parking lights? Will you make the power available for customers who drive electric cars as a way to entice more people to come to you and shop? These are all different options that can help you to grow your business.

So, these were the four main reasons that assure investing in a car park solar is a good way and why more and more business is looking for them.

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