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4 Great Reasons to Become an Auto Mechanic

By LeonStone    11 / Feb / 2019    In Category Automotive

For some people, wanting to become a mechanic is a dream they’ve had since childhood. They might have nostalgic memories of watching family members work on cars and have always dreamed of getting under the hood themselves. Others may just be mechanically inclined and have always been hands-on and curious about how engines work. While a love for cars and hands-on work are great reasons to become a mechanic, there are many more reasons to pursue a career in the auto repair field.

1. Technicians Are Always in Demand:

Economic slumps can affect all kinds of industries, including the automotive industry and the way consumers buy cars. However, vehicles will always need repairing no matter what, thereby guaranteeing steady work for your future as a technician. In addition to this, within the automotive industry there is no real slow season for technician. So whilst obviously some months may be busier or calmer than others, there will always tend to be a constant flow of work.

On top of all this, in London- a city where technicians are the best paid in the country, there is currently a huge shortage of technicians meaning you are a man (or woman) in demand. The reason for this is due the UK recession, whereby manufactures stopped hiring apprentices for financial reasons. The knock on effect of this meant less technicians are currently coming through the system.

2. Training and Experience:

You can stay where you are and be the best auto mechanic there is, earning a loyal customer base, or start your own shop, or work at the dealership for your favorite automaker. Maybe you want to work in the corporate world, representing your favorite brand. Or, if you can write well, author technical manuals, an automotive trade publication, or – a dream job – be a journalist at one of the “buff books” like Car and Driver or Automobile. You can always write about how to be Mot Tester. You can write training experiences of different individuals and about MOT testing levels and how to pass it.

3. Skills:

Automotive technicians should be dependable, persistent, independent and analytical. Technicians should also be able to cope with complex situations, solve a multitude of problems and enforce strong time- and safety-management skills.

Looking forward to a career as an auto technician? Then apply to earn your degrees in best of colleges. With different on-campus state-of-the-art repair lab, this program will give you the hands-on skills you will need to not only know the ins and outs of motor vehicles, but also the operations of auto dealerships. Find out how to start working towards a career as an automotive technician today.

4. Specialization:

If you choose to work for a general mechanic shop, you will be working on many different automotive issues. However, if you prefer to specialize in one area, there are some that may appeal to you like drivability technicians. They use their extensive knowledge of engine management, emission, fuel, electrical and ignition systems to diagnose issues that prevent engines from performing efficiently. They often use the onboard diagnostic system of a vehicle and electronic testing equipment such as a multimeter to find where the malfunction may be. Other types of technicians’ jobs are also in huge demand.

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