10 Stylish Ways to Wear Silk Scarves

By    29 / Jan / 2019    In Category Fashion

We all have a plain top or two lying around somewhere in our closet that we find too dull. There is a dress that can use some color and that brown sweater that you simply hate but you spent quite a lot of money on it. A pure silk scarf for women can solve all your problems in a jiffy. Smooth, soft, and deluxe, silk has the power to glamourize your average-looking clothes. Turn your somber blouses into stunning outfits with a help of fashionable silk scarves.

Be it blazing hot summers or snow-struck winters, here are some of the best ways to wear silk scarves:

1. Silk Scarf for an Impromptu Look

For an impromptu pop of color over your brick-red dress and brown fall boots, simply wrap a pure silk scarf for women around your neck without tying it. It will appear quite casual and chic!

2. Tone Down Bright Colors with a Silk Color

Do you have a bright orange blouse that could use some toning down? Place a black silk scarf over your shoulder and you are good to go.

3. A Silky Big Bow

Take a colorful silk scarf, put it around your neck and tie a huge bow-like knot on one side. Leave the other side untied and let it drape over your shoulder. Bows and silk scarves combined together can surely spice up your overall outfit.

4. Use Silk Scarf as a Hair-Tie

When you are in a mood to wear your comfortable joggers and grey sweatshirt, a floral-print scarf tied around your hair will look gorgeous. Instead of using a hair-tie, tie a silk scarf around your ponytail.  You can also wear a scarf as a headband.

5. Silk Scarf as a Choker

Work clothes aren`t high on design. Your tailored pants are rather elegant, but the navy-blue coat looks too serious. Use a vibrantly-patterned silk scarf and tightly wrap it around your neck in a circle for a choker-like effect. It will offer a much-needed pop of color and a dash of style.

6. A Square Scarf

Do you want to master the French-girl style this season? You can start with a silk scarf! Take a small square silk scarf for women and tie it around your neck and leave the ends poking out on each side. Appear nonchalantly chic and give French-girl vibes.

7. Knot it Around Your Wrist

We have days when we simply want to put on a cropped white tee and our best pair of washed-out jeans. We can add some color to the outfit by tying a striking silk scarf around the wrist. It will look effortlessly vogue!

8. Dare to Try the Babushka Style

This style is perfect for rainy afternoons and chilly evenings. Grab a vibrant silk scarf and wear it around your head in Babushka style. Tuck it neatly under your chin and put on your most radiant smile and go about your day. Watch heads turn as you walk down the street.

9. Cowgirl Style Scarf

Go wild with cheerful patterns and neon colors and tie the silk scarf for women around your neck in a western-inspired cowgirl style. Not only will it give a snazzy vibe, it will look quite girly as well.

10. Wear it as a Tie

Forget about heavy statement necklaces. This spring, switch to pure silk scarves! Knot the scarf around your neck like a tie, and sport it over blazers and coats. The style would work wonderfully over a formal button-down shirt as well.

Are you looking forward to trying out some of these styles? Grab a silk scarf and spice up your outfit!